Oswego Fire Department Announces Hydrant Testing Schedule

OSWEGO – Fire hydrant testing will resume on June 27 in the Sixth Ward and continue for much of the summer and possibly into the fall.

Oswego Fire Department personnel will be working on testing the flow rates of these fire hydrants, identifying maintenance issues, and painting the tops with the appropriate color coding.

Any hydrant issues are forwarded on to the DPW for corrective action.

The duty shifts will be completing the hydrant testing and painting in between emergency calls.

Flowing of the fire hydrants can result in a slight loss in water pressure, especially in residential areas.
Residents may also experience a slight discoloration of their residential water supply and are encouraged to open an exterior spigot until clear.

Residents and motorists are reminded to please use caution while our personnel are in the area working near the roadway.

In order to test these fire hydrants, sometimes large amounts of water is flowing into nearby streets.

While crews attempt to divert as much water as possible, motorists are reminded to please slow down when passing through puddles.

As mentioned above, once the fire hydrants are flow tested, the tops are painted with an appropriate color coding, part of a national standard which allows fire crews to choose the hydrant with the highest flow rate for emergencies.

Hydrants with a flow rate of less than 500 gallons per minute are indicated with a red top, 500999 GPM with an orange top, 1,0001,499 GPM with a green top, and more than 1,500 GPM with a blue top.

Water volume and pressure fluctuates greatly across the city, and choosing the best hydrant at a fire can make a big difference in the safety of the residents and the personnel operating at a scene.

Every attempt will be made to ensure that the fire hydrant testing does not interfere with residential water service.

Residents with questions or concerns are encouraged to speak with the crews conducting the testing or call the Oswego Fire Department headquarters at (315) 3432161.

“On behalf of the Oswego Fire Department, I want to thank our residents and visitors for their support and wish everyone a safe and happy summer!” Chief Jeff McCrobie said.