Oswego Fire Department Call Volume For 2015 Announced

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Fire Department responded to 4,667 calls for help in 2015, nearly 500 more than in 2014.

Nearly 90% (4,173) of these calls were for emergency situations, while 10% (494) were service calls such as citizen assists, basement water evacuations, vehicle lockouts, or unintentional fire alarm system activations.

The small increase in call volume can be attributed to emergency medical services, a trend that is seen across the country.

The other types of calls were nearly a mirror image of 2014 as you will see below.

Predicting exactly when an emergency is going to occur is impossible, but this historical data gives us an idea of what to expect for 2016.

The actual number of fires for 2015 was 72, compared to 71 in 2014.

In 2015, the Oswego Fire Department responded to 25 structure fires, 18 dumpster or trash fires, 11 cooking fires, 10 vehicle fires, and 8 grass or brush fires.

2014 was very similar in fire type, with 24 structure fires, 23 dumpster fires, and 10 cooking fires.

The Oswego Fire Department responded to 3,822 calls for emergency medical service in 2015, a 10% increase from 2014.

Of those calls, 2,954 patients were transported by an Oswego Fire Department ambulance to a hospital for definitive care.

Our personnel responded to 102 motor vehicle collisions in 2015, up from 75 the prior year.

These situations can be very labor-intensive and dangerous, especially if a patient has to be extricated from the vehicle.

The Oswego Fire Department also responded to 12 incidents where pedestrians were struck by a vehicle, often resulting in serious injuries.

The Oswego Fire Department also handled 121 calls in 2015 for hazardous conditions such as natural gas or propane leaks, carbon monoxide incidents, fuel spills, downed power lines, and overheated or shorted electrical equipment.

These types of calls totaled 118 in 2014.

Several types of incidents accounted for the remainder of our emergency calls in 2015 such as elevator rescues, water rescues, unauthorized outdoor burning, and animal rescues.

Responding to 4,667 calls for help over the course of the year averages about 12 calls per 24 hour shift for our personnel.

In addition to calls, a typical day at the Oswego Fire Department includes scheduled EMS, fire or rescue training, conducting fire inspections of local businesses or occupancies, and equipment / station maintenance.

The Oswego Fire Department wishes everyone a Happy New Year, and looks forward to serving those we protect in 2016!

For questions about the Oswego Fire Department, please call the department headquarters at (315) 343-2161.

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