Oswego Fire Department Offers Storm Safety Tips

Downed tree blocking Munn Street (Photo courtesy Bill Foley)

Downed tree blocking Munn Street (Photo courtesy Bill Foley)

Provided by Oswego Fire Department
As the city of Oswego continues to recover from the devastating storm that occurred yesterday, we want to remind residents how to remain safe in the affected areas.

Downed tree blocking Munn Street (Photo courtesy Bill Foley)
Downed tree blocking Munn Street (Photo courtesy Bill Foley)

The storm left several neighborhoods with trees down, utility poles broken, and downed wires.

Current estimations from National Grid state that 21,000 residents are without power in the Central New York area and their officials were unsure when power will be restored.

But, said they hoped by Friday night.

National Grid has arranged several pick-up points for dry ice, water, and more information regarding the power outages.

For our residents, the pick up point is the Scriba Fire Department, located on State Route 104 East. National Grid hopes to have the pick-up points open by Thursday morning.

Any downed power line should be considered energized and residents are reminded to stay clear of these affected areas that are marked with yellow tape or barricades.

Trees and utility poles have been compromised and can fall at any moment, while power lines can be backfed by portable generators-causing electrocution hazards.

Residents are asked that if they see a hazardous condition that is not marked off to call 911 immediately so that our crews can respond and assess the area.

Lastly, we know that many residents are operating portable generators to provide temporary power to their homes.

These generators must be placed outside the home and away from windows, doors, or vents to avoid a deadly buildup of carbon monoxide in the home.

Residents are reminded to check CO alarms to ensure they are functioning.

Also, use heavy rated extension cords and NEVER plug the generator into a wall outlet!

This causes a backfeed of power into the system and causes an electrocution risk to utility workers or others served by the same transformer.

If you have any questions, please call the Oswego Fire Department at (315) 342-8772

For emergencies, call 911 Immediately.

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