Oswego Fire Department: Stay Warm and Safe

Fire hydrants need to be cleared of snow for safety

Fire hydrants need to be cleared of snow for safety

OSWEGO – As the temperatures go down the danger of fire goes up.

Winter fires can often be attributed to malfunctioning heating equipment or combustibles being placed too close to portable heating equipment, such as space heaters.

Fire hydrants need to be cleared of snow for safety
Fire hydrants need to be cleared of snow for safety

During the winter, people often get creative when trying to stay warm.

We have seen people heating their apartments with an oven, charcoal grills, and propane heaters – all very dangerous, according to the Oswego Fire Department.

Malfunctioning heating equipment can release carbon monoxide into the home.

Homes should have a carbon monoxide alarm on every level of the home.

Smoke alarms should be installed inside of every bedroom, outside every sleeping area and on every level of the home.

Residents should have their heating equipment serviced annually, prior to the winter season.

Combustibles should be at least three feet away from any heating equipment.

Frozen water lines should not be thawed with an open flame or torch.

Instead, use a hair dryer or space heater to warm the area.

Falling ice is also an issue, and has brought down many electrical lines the last few days.

As a few feet of snow on rooftops started to melt recently, firefighters were called to about three dozen reports of ice damage in less than a week.

Some electrical, cable and telephone lines have been damaged.

The falling ice has also broken several gas meters around the city.

Recently, before the big thaw became the big freeze, fire crews responded to around three dozen reports of flooded basements.

The Oswego Fire Department appreciates all the help from residents with keeping the hydrants cleared out.

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