Oswego Girls’ Lacrosse Wins One, Loses One

Vs. Auburn
This was a league match up for us and we played Auburn the first game of the year and lost in Auburn by 10 goals.

We have had some time as a team to work on the things we recognize were weak spots for us.

Going into the game we knew we would have to keep up wtih their shots and stay even with them in possession.

We were behind all game long and were down by 3 goals at half time.

We regrouped at the half and knew we needed to take care of the ball for the last half of the game and needed to keep up with their shots.

We caught up and it was a good back and forth game.

We were able to tie it up before the final horn and allowing us the chance to go into sudden death overtime.

Being our first overtime this season we had a game plan and knew we needed to maintin posession to get the shot we needed to seal a win.

Off the draw Maddie Taylor came up with the ball and was fouled, upon the start she found an open Riley jaquin – Jaquin split between 3 defenders and put the ball in the upper corner giving us the overtime win.

This was a big moment for us and shows how hard the group has worked this season.

Very proud of the team effort in this match up.

Vs. Chittenango
Host Chittenango capitalizes on our many mistakes throughout this game.

We had a large number of unforced turnovers and struggled all game long to maintain possession and find the back of the net.

We outshot them overall but Chittenango’s group had very good shot placement tonight as we need to take care of where we are shooting better.

We have two weeks remaining on our season with five games left on our schedule.

We have two home games this week and an away game and all three games are league games.

We need to regroup from this game and focus on the games we have this week and doing a better job of taking care of the ball and our shot placement.

Date of Contest: 5/4/17
Opponent: Auburn

Scores: Oswego: 12 (OT)  – Auburn:  11

Madison Bell –goal (point)
Clara Culeton – goal (point)
Devinny, Lauren – goal (point)
Celia Fitzgerald – goal (point)
Makayla Mesec –assist (point)
Riley Jaquin – 4 goals (4 points)
Madelaine Taylor – 4 goals (4 points)
Bree Konu – 7 saves

Records:  League:  2 – 4   Overall: 5- 5

Date of Contest: 5/6/17
Opponent: Chittenango
Scores: Oswego: 7  – Chittenango: 11

Madison Bell –goal ( 1point)
Clara Culeton – 3 goals, assist (4 points)
Makayla Mesec – 2 assists (2 points)
Riley Jaquin – goal (1 point)
Madelaine Taylor – 2 goals (2 points)
Bree Konu – 2 saves

Records:  League:  2 – 4   Overall: 5- 6

Submitted by Theodore (Teddy) Beers,
Physical Education Teacher
Volleyball & Lacrosse Coach
Oswego City School District