Oswego Health Announces Charity Walk Winners

Oswego Health’s recent Charity Walk Run, which supported the health system’s cancer outreach and educational programs, attracted runners from the area and beyond.

Winning the 5K run in the men’s division was Randy Spencer, of Yarmouth, Maine, with a time of 20:31.82. Placing second was Matthew Talamo, of Oswego, 21:03.24; and third was Alexander Kouthoofd, also of Oswego, 22:06.05.

In the women’s division, Karen Allen-Turner, of Fulton, placed first in the 5K event with a time of 20:54.67. Second was Beth Warren, of Fulton, 22:09.70 and third was Molly Fitzgibbons, of Oswego, 22:20.87.

It should be mentioned that Fitzgibbons is 12 years old.

In the race walk event, Charlie King, of Oswego, placed first and had a time of 50:06.02. Placing second was Robert Harrold, of Oswego, 52:01.98.

Charity Walk Winners Announced
Charity Walk Winners Announced

In the female division, placing first was Terri King, of Oswego, with a time of 50:05.87. Placing second was Michelle Moon, of Oswego, 51:19.06, and third was Angela Moon, of Oswego, 51:19.59.

Cameron McCann, of Wolcott, won the 2.5K walk event for the males with a time of 15:30.88. Placing second was Matthew Spencer, of Yarmouth, 22:37.85; and third was Mason Cline, of Oswego, 23:30.15.

The female winner of this event was Amber Burgess, of Oswego, with a time 23:30.54. Placing second was Barb Spencer, of Central Square, 24:10.67; and third was Pam Breckenridge, of Kathleen Fla., 24:12.76.

The committee thanks all the participants and the race-day volunteers which included, Kim Christopher, Gabrielle Christopher, Ashley Christopher, Josh Christopher, Mike Ferlito Jr., Mike Ferlito Sr., Mary Bucher, Beth Bivens, Sheila Simpson and Joy Miller who helped monitor the course and cared for the water stations.