Oswego Health Announces Cost-Cutting Measures

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego Health released the following statement this afternoon, noting it “will be our only comments on this matter.”

Oswego Health is an integral part of the Oswego County community with a team of nearly 1,000 staff members providing excellent quality care.

For the past two years, Oswego Hospital’s revenue has been negatively impacted as state and federal reimbursements have been continuously reduced. A loss of volume, being driven by economic conditions, is also having a dramatic impact on the hospital’s revenue.

To address these concerns, a number of cost cutting measures were taken and revenue generating initiatives implemented. Our goal is to become a more efficient and effective organization allowing us to achieve our vision to provide exceptional care and improve the health of residents in our community. In order to remain a financially viable organization we must streamline operations.

Due to these healthcare marketplace changes, Oswego Hospital will eliminate 28 positions in departments throughout the hospital and will cut another 11 vacant positions.  These reductions represent less than three percent of the hospital’s entire workforce, but are necessary to improve the financial viability of the organization.

“Before any position was eliminated, we evaluated several options, which included schedule changes, reducing hours and a careful evaluation of any position being filled,” said Oswego Health President and CEO Ann C. Gilpin. “We also took careful consideration when selecting positions to be eliminated to ensure that our patients would continue to receive excellent care.”

Several ongoing initiatives will move the health system towards an improved financial position. It is projected that the Fulton Medical Center, now under construction, and the Central Square Medical Center, once operational, will strengthen the organization’s bottom line. The renewed emphasis on physician recruitment, which has resulted in seven new physicians, will increase patient volumes.


  1. Could someone tell me why the old Oswego Hospital is now called Oswego Health. Has it losts it’s hospital status? Curious.

  2. Dawn:

    The hospital is still called Oswego Hospital.

    Oswego Health is the overall name of the non-profit company that operates the hospital, along with the nursing home and senior living center near Minetto, the Urgent Care center in Fulton and other business units.

    Oswego Health is the overall corporate name.

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