Oswego Health Lifeline Service Now Has Cordless Phones

Oswego Health’s Lifeline Services now offers cordless phones that have additional improvements making the emergency communication devices easier to use.

Lifeline allows seniors and others with medical conditions to live more independently, knowing that medical help is just a phone call away. Subscribers wear a small, simple to use device that if need be can be used to summon medical help.

The new cordless phones offer the only medical alert service that is integrated into a cordless phone and is designed specifically for seniors and others. Not only does the phone work with the Lifeline help button to provide a connection to Oswego Hospital for help in an emergency, but it also keeps subscribers better connected to their family and friends.

The simple to use phone, has 60 minutes of talk time in the event of a power outage. Other features include large buttons that are easy to read and press, a lightweight ergonomically-designed handset and base that is easy to pick up and hold, and volume amplification enabling clear, audible conversations.

Ready to take calls from Lifeline subscribers 24-hours a day are specially-trained staff members at Oswego Hospital. The staff has at their fingertips the medical information of each of Lifeline subscriber. More than 500 individuals, mostly senior citizens, are enrolled in Lifeline.

For more than 20 years, Oswego Health Lifeline has allowed seniors and those with medical conditions to live more independently. “These new phones are easy to use and more discreet as now both the phone and communication device as combined,” said Oswego Health Lifeline Coordinator Lauri Clark.

Those interested in learning more about the new phones, or those who would like to order one, should call Clark at 343-1887.

Oswego Healthcare system includes the Oswego Hospital, The Manor at Seneca Hill, a skilled nursing facility; Springside at Seneca Hill, a retirement living community; an urgent care center in Fulton, as well as health services centers in Mexico, Parish and now Phoenix. For more information, call (315) 349-5500 or visit oswegohealth.org.