Oswego Health, the Only Outpatient Surgery Center in Oswego County to Offer Robotics-Assisted Knee Arthroplasty Using the NAVIO Surgical System

OSWEGO, NY – Orthopedic surgeons from the Center for Orthopedic Care at Oswego Health are the only surgeons in Oswego County to bring robotically-assisted knee arthroplasty to the surgery center.

The NAVIO Surgical System incorporates hand-held robotics and 3D images of the patient’s knee.

This allows the surgeon to collect patient-specific information, establish spatial boundaries for the surgical instrument, and allow for more accuracy removing the damaged surfaces of the knee.

The system assists with properly balancing the ligaments of the joint and accurately positioning the implant leading to potentially better outcomes and longevity.

Unlike other robotics systems, patients are not required to undergo a pre-operative CT-scan with the NAVIO Surgical System from Smith and Nephew.

Michael Diaz, DO, was instrumental in bringing this state-of-the-art technology to Oswego Health and has extensive experience in performing this level of surgery.

“Not only are we achieving a greater level of accuracy with the use of robotically-assisted systems, but with our primary focus being on patient care. Our patients receive cutting-edge care with shortened recovery times and our goal is to provide robotically-assisted total knee on an outpatient basis.

“Patient-centered care is the core of our mission at Oswego Health. Whether that be recruiting top medical professionals such as Dr. Diaz to meet the healthcare needs of our community, or purchasing state-of-the-art technology, we are making these investments to ensure the highest level of quality healthcare needed is provided right at home in Oswego County,” said Michael Harlovic, President & CEO for Oswego Health.

For more information about the Center for Orthopedic Care at Oswego Health and the NAVIO™ Surgical System call 315-349-5558 or visit https://www.oswegohealth.org/ortho/.