Oswego High School Class Of 1981 Planned

OSWEGO, NY – We are getting ready for out 30th year reunion.

There are still some people we cannot find.

If you are one of these people, or know where they are, could you please call Terrey Elkin Hallinan at (315) 751-2947 (email: [email protected]) or Annette Tyo at (315) 529-5513 (email: [email protected]).

We are missing addresses for the following classmates:

Debbie Aldrich, Ronald Atley, William Campbell, Tim Clark, Linda Clary, Martha Collins Paolucci, John Coons, Eloisa Dasilvia, John Davies, James Delahunt, Freda Eastman, Robert Galletta, Linda Guy Omarra, Lisa Hofer, Lori Hunter Vincent, Kimberly Kelly Rodgers, Sharon King, Sherri Krawczyk Matott, Joseph LaPorte, Richard Manwaring, Julie Mariano Thorton, Kim Martin, Cynthia McKenna, Shelley Merrill Ivester, Lisa Mulcahey Haresign, Christine Nelson, Robert Nessel, Laura Nichols Plunkett, Brenda Paura Baker, Michael Regan, Michael Ritz, Kevin Rivers, Todd Robinson, Clare Scaglione Zaepfel, Joseph Scheinert, Gwen Schneider, Stephen Sequin, Kyle Shoemaker, Kevin Simons, Cynthia Smith, Lori Stuart, Gayle Swanson and Scott Warner.