Oswego High School presents musical ‘Evita’

OSWEGO, NY – Latin flair and dramatic musical storytelling comes to Oswego High School’s Robinson-Faust Theatre for the Performing Arts in the form of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s flamboyant Broadway musical ‘Evita’ February 7 and 8 at 7:30 p.m.

More than 50 high school, middle school, and elementary school students have worked tirelessly since November to perfect their singing, dancing, and characterizations.

Eva  (Emily Hurlbutt) and Colonel Peron (Tyme Baez) prepare for the presentation of “Evita” on the Robinson-Faust stage at Oswego High School.
Eva (Emily Hurlbutt) and Colonel Peron (Tyme Baez) prepare for the presentation of “Evita” on the Robinson-Faust stage at Oswego High School.

The combination of superb scenic and costume design helps bring this epic story to life, while Webber’s iconic songs are sure to keep the audience entertained throughout both performances.

Following the harrowing rise and premature decline of Eva Peron, wife of Argentinian president Juan Peron from 1945-1952, Webber’s musical is packed with exotic tangos and exciting production numbers.

Eva Peron, known by her followers as ‘Evita,’ has continued to captivate the public imagination since her death at age of 33 through her beauty, glamorous lifestyle and ambitious character.

Manipulating her way up from the slums of Junin, Argentina, Eva Peron (Emily Hurlbutt) escapes to the thrilling nightlife of Buenos Aires via her singer-boyfriend Augustin Magaldi (Ryan Smith).

Here she makes a name for herself as a radio star-turned-film actress before meeting Colonel Peron (Tyme Baez) at a charity concert.

Guiding his tenuous political endeavors, Eva joins Peron in courting the vote of the nations’ poor. Securing the presidency brings Eva to the Casa Rosada, the presidential palace, and from the balcony she sings the famous song “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.”

Among the cheering crowd glowers Che (Matt Spaulding), one of the descamisados who voices opposition to the seemingly wasteful spending of the Perons.

A European tour is planned and Eva wings her way through the continent, finding both admiration and loathing from the citizens of Italy, Spain, and France.

She works with a vengeance to expel the hated English aristocracy from Argentina and consolidates wealth in her Foundation Eva Peron which caters to the poor.

As her influence grows, so does her ambition. She reaches desperately for the title of vice president as her body shows signs of distress; she is diagnosed with cancer.

The Argentinian military rejects her desires for a political title and she bids farewell to her people in a final radio broadcast.

Following her death, Peron would be forced from office, having lost the connection to the people; something she had always provided to his campaign.

Garrett Heater directs and Robert Dumas music directs, with choreography by Andrea Colabufo.

Tickets can be reserved by calling 341-2270 and are $15 for reserved and premium seating in the center of the theater or $10 for general admission.