Oswego High Top 100 Receive Deserved Recognition

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego High School Top 100 students were recognized for the twenty-second consecutive year.

Several hundred people packed the Oswego High School Dining Hall for the annual “Top 100” dinner.

Top 25 Oswego High School Seniors
Top 25 Oswego High School Seniors

This year, Oswego Rotary, Alliance Bank, and the Oswego City School District hosted the event with the Oswego City School District Food Service Department supplying a buffet extravaganza.

The ceremony became a reality in Oswego due to the efforts of Rotarian and former Oswego City School District administrator Ed Caraccioli.

More than two decades ago while on a visit to another club he was present for a very special event which brought together the top students from that district.

He returned to Oswego and presented the concept to the local club. They not only adopted it, but have continued to support it for the past 22 years.

On Sunday evening, Rotary President Dr. David Granoff proudly spoke of the involvement of Rotary in this very special event and congratulated not only the students, but their families for this outstanding accomplishment.

As Oswego High School Principal Brian Hartwell announced each individual member the “Top 25” each student received a recognition certificate from Granoff as well as congratulations from Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist and board of education members Dave White, Kathleen Allen, Thomas DeCastro, James Tschudy and Samuel Tripp.

Top 25 Oswego High School Juniors
Top 25 Oswego High School Juniors

Crist addressed the gathering and said, “We are celebrating and acknowledging the top one hundred students of our Oswego High School for their academic accomplishments and achievements. This milestone shows great persistence, determination, and of course, intelligence. You are to be commended for your hard work and take pride that you have met this fantastic achievement.”

Several members of the “Class of 2011” were in attendance for their fourth consecutive year. All are bound to continue their education at campuses throughout the nation.

The students who were in attendance each of their years included Nikole Bonacorsi (Hamilton College), Dominique Canale (Arcadia University), Justine Harrington (Cazenovia College), Jacqueline Hondro (University of  Buffalo), Alison Knight (Arcadia University), Joanna LeFevre (Grove City College), Meredith Moshier (Union College), Kaitlyn Scanlon (SUNY Albany) and Rebecca Smith (Roberts Wesleyan).

Top 25 Oswego High School Sophomores
Top 25 Oswego High School Sophomores

Other seniors earning an invitation to this year’s dinner included Alex Baer (SUNY Binghamton), Cody Battista (LeMoyne College), William Clary (Rochester Institute of Technology), Jasmine Davis (St. John Fisher), Luke Familo (Rochester Institute of Technology), Karissa Favata (SUNY Brockport), Evelyn Horan (Berklee College of Music), Jennifer Hotchkiss  (SUNY Oswego), Thomas James (SUNY Fredonia), Tyler Kranz (Rochester Institute of Technology), Tyler Lisec (Rochester Institute of Technology), Jonathan Mahan (SUNY Morrisville), Anthony Miuccio (Rochester Institute of Technology), Sean Peel (SUNY Environmental, Science and Forestry), Emily Rumrill (SUNY Oswego) and Kristine Stemple (West Virginia University).

Eleventh graders recognized at this year’s dinner included Hannah Allen, Kaitlyn Armstrong, Emilie Benigno, Jamie Bouffard, Tayler Bowman, Taylor Braun, Michael Carey, Danielle Faivus, Victoria Frazier, Monica George, Zachary Gerber, Stephen Hook, Jonathan Kaplewicz, Brittany Kearns, Ryan Patrick, John Phillips, Mitchell Rabalais, Morgan Rabalais, Stephen Richmond, Aubree Schrader, Eve Simmonds, Matthew Skinner, Cydney Ward, Marcus Wolf and Tori Zerrahn.

The “Top 25” from the sophomore class included Jacob Annal, Nicholas Bertsch, David Culeton, Dylan Currier, Vincent Debiase, Lisette Dufore, Jeremy Galvin, Tess Gordon, Nathaniel Harrington, Carly Hewitt, Victoria Jaskula, Frederick Johnson, Travis Kearns, Courtney Kelly, Jodi Kester, Dylan Lavner, Sarah Mancuso, Elisabeth Michaud, Mackenzie Palmer, Gordon Pan, Emilea Reiner, Grant Richmond, Leah Weiss, Catherine Wells and Robert Zeigler.

Top 25 Oswego High School Freshmen
Top 25 Oswego High School Freshmen

The ninth graders invited to the dinner included Casey Adner, Nina Alcasid, Erica Atkins, Elizabeth Baker, Danielle Benigno, Justin Canale, Jacob Cary, Katelyn Clary, Kyle Collins, Madison Collins, Kerrigan Cummins, Evan Davis, Michael Farden, Mallory Gordon, Cassandra Hondro, Emily Hurlbutt, Courtney Johnson, Shannon McIntosh, Michaela Moran, Allison Moshier, Zachary Salvador, Mitchell Schrader, Tory Welsch, Bo Yang and Meggie Zhang.

Addressing the honorees, Crist said, “You represent the academic leaders of our school and possibly other areas of artistry and athleticism.”

In closing he exclaimed, “Congratulations on your academic ability and your noteworthy achievements. Continue your pursuits of academic excellence and enjoy your continued life’s accomplishments throughout your journey. The quality of your life and hopefully others will benefit from your great personal motivation and accomplishments. Great Job. Great Work.”