Oswego High Top 100 Receive Deserved Recognition

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego High School Top 100 students were recognized for the twenty-third consecutive year.

Top 25 Oswego High School Seniors
Top 25 Oswego High School Seniors

Several hundred people packed the Oswego High School Dining Hall for the annual “Top 100” dinner.

This year, Oswego Rotary, PathFinder Bank,  Alliance Bank, and the Oswego City School District hosted the event with the Oswego City School District Food Service Department supplying a buffet extravaganza.

The ceremony became a reality in Oswego due to the efforts of Rotarian and former Oswego City School District administrator Ed Caraccioli.

Top 25 Oswego High School Juniors
Top 25 Oswego High School Juniors

More than two decades ago while on a visit to another club he was present for a very special event which brought together the top students from that district.

He returned to Oswego and presented the concept to the local Rotarians.

They not only adopted it, but have continued to support it and host the students at the annual event.

Caraccioli was present this year and was quite proud of the students’ accomplishments.

Rotary President-Elect Tom Ingram welcomed and congratulated the members of the Top 100 and noted the importance of being academic leaders within their school community.

Top 25 Oswego High School Sophomores
Top 25 Oswego High School Sophomores

As a proud Oswego High School Principal Brian Hartwell announced each individual member the “Top 25” each student received a recognition certificate from Ingram as well as congratulations from Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist and Oswego City School District Board of Education members Kathleen Allen (vice president), Thomas DeCastro, Samuel Tripp and William Myer.

Crist addressed the gathering and said, “Author John Steinbeck said that,’It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him.’ We expect greatness of you, but the wonderment of each of you is that you also expect greatness of yourselves. Continue that hunt and set a pace that others struggle to meet. Appreciate the challenges that you set for yourself, knowing that the challenges others set for you will be paled in comparison by your own measuring stick and determination.”

Several members of the “Class of 2012” were in attendance for their fourth consecutive year.

All are bound to continue their education at campuses throughout the nation.

Top 25 Oswego High School Freshmen
Top 25 Oswego High School Freshmen

The students who were in attendance each of their years included  Kaitlyn Armstrong (LeMoyne College), Tayler Bowman (Towson University), Michael Carey (SUNY Geneseo), Victoria Frazier (LeMoyne College), Monica George (Clarkson University), Brittany Kearns (Syracuse University), Ryan Patrick (Princeton University), John Phillips (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Eve Simmonds (Binghamton University) and Cydney Ward (SUNY Albany).

Other seniors earning an invitation to this year’s dinner included Emily Barlow (Chaminade University of Honolulu), Gina Bartholomew (University of Buffalo),  Drake Becksted (Virginia Polytechnic  Institute), Emilie Benigno (Ithaca College), Krystin Blackburn (LeMoyne College), Jamie Bouffard (Liberty College), Taylor Giglio (SUNY Albany), Abigail Haessig (LeMoyne College),  Megan Mahaney (Rochester Institute of Technology),  Mary Montagnola (SUNY Cortland), Mitchell Rabalais (University of Alabama), Morgan Rabalais (West Point Military Academy), Stephen Richmond (University of Buffalo), Aubree Schrader (SUNY Brockport),  and Marcus Wolf (SUNY Potsdam).

Eleventh graders recognized at this year’s dinner included  Christina Abare, Nick Bonacorsi, Erin Chetney, Joshua Costo, Nicholas Costo, Dylan Currier, Marisa Dashner, Vincent Debiase, Brian Dodge, Jeremy Galvin, Arianna Gilbert, Tess Gordon, Victoria Jaskula, Travis Kearns, Jodi Kester, Dylan Lavner, Sarah Mancuso, Kyle Norton, Ashley Pitters, Emilea Reiner, Jessica Reynolds, Grant Richmond, Sarah Stoebner, Leah Weiss and Catherine Wells.

The “Top 25” from the sophomore class included Nina Alcasid, Abigail Allen, Erica Atkins, Elizabeth Baker, Danielle Benigno, Shane Bowman, Katelyn Clary, Madison Collins, Kerrigan Cummins, Evan Davis, Aviriana Follet, Holly Gilbert, Mallory Gordon, Sarah Hoefer, Cassandra Hondro, Courtney Johnson, Jordan Ketcham, Bo Yang Li, Shannon Mcintosh, Allison Moshier, Elizabeth O’Gorman, Jacob Oleyourryk, Zachary Salvador, Mitchell Schrader and Tory Welsch.

The ninth graders invited to the dinner included Sean Benjamin, Molly Brown, Joshua Bucher, Zachary Bush, Alaina Celeste, Colin Clark, Zachary Gillard, Tayler Hamer, Alexandra (Allie) Henderson,  Shea Hewitt, Katherine Knopp, Brianah Lane, Craig Lawton, Jessie Murray, Reilly Patrick, Rachael Purtell, Nicholas Reiner, Connor Sheffield, Brenna Sherman, Thomas Simmonds, Allison Smith, Zachary Smolinski, Kara Weiss, Nikolas Whiteside and Monica Wilson.

Addressing the honorees, Crist said, “You represent the academic leaders of our school. As a community we take pride in our schools and value and safeguard the students who partake in the daily lessons and related activities.”

Continuing he noted, “As the future leaders of our communities, our businesses, our governments and our schools we applaud you on your thirst for leading with the academic status.”

In closing he exclaimed, “To our Top 100…Well done…on your hard work and your noteworthy achievements….continue your pursuits of academic excellence. Having lost one of the greatest minds and individuals of the 21st Century this past October, who arguably dictated the evolution of modern technology, Mr. Steve Jobs, Apple computer creator offered this, “Be a yard stick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” The quality of your life and, most assuredly, the life of others will benefit by your personal motivation and accomplishments. Great Job….Great work….and once again congratulations.”