Oswego Hospital Asks Those With the Flu To Stay Home

OSWEGO – With the arrival of the flu season, Oswego Hospital is asking that residents who may be experiencing flu-like symptoms to not visit the healthcare facility.

“The flu has been very active this year,” said Oswego Hospital vice president and chief operating officer Allison Duggan, MD. “In order to safeguard the health of hospitalized patients, we are asking our community to assist us by not visiting friends or family members if they have flu-like symptoms such as fever and coughing.”

Those who are ill and find they must use hospital facilities are encouraged to take advantage of the masks and sanitizer that are available at each entrance.

Dr. Duggan also reminds members of the public to practice good respiratory hygiene habits, which includes washing their hands.

Frequent hand washing is one of the best defenses against colds and the flu.

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  1. Recently when I was scheduled for a surgical appoint at this hospital…

    Pre admissions lady says it’s the sick person responsibility to make sure everyone washes their hands… no one does it- or does it correctly.
    I know my family does , so it must be the professionals she was talking about.

    My doctor there did not believe viruses even cause people to be sick… he was only “family medicine and internal medicine.

    Ditch the hand sanitizes they are proven not to kill the simple herpes virus.
    use good old school soap and water… simple…

    and make sure everyone washes their hands and cleans their stethoscope and BP cuff… GOOD LUCK ON THAT…

    remember YOU are responsible for YOUR PROFESSIONALS HYGIENE.

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