Oswego Hospital Maternity Center Features C-Section Recovery Room

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego Hospital’s maternity center has recently unveiled a new C-section recovery room for new mothers and their babies, offering a quicker bonding experience for the new family.

No longer will women who have undergone a C-section delivery fully recover with surgical patients in the hospital’s surgery center.

C-section recovery room
C-section recovery room

Instead, following the birth and some initial assessments, both mother and baby will recover together in the new C-section room that features the comforts of home and state-of-the-art medical equipment, which is immediately available if needed.

“Those first bonding moments are very special and important for both baby and the family,” said Kim Hyde, RN, and clinical director of the maternity center. “We are glad to be able to offer this to our moms and it’s yet another benefit of having a baby at our maternity center.”

Samantha Hesse, who recently had her third child at Oswego Hospital, said the C-section room truly added to her birth experience.

“For my first two deliveries, I felt out of the loop as everyone got to see the new baby before I did,” she said. “However, this time with the new C-section recovery room I felt I was included in all those special first moments.”

The C-section room is just one feature of the maternity center, which offers a comfortable and home-like environment alongside the latest technology, providing women with a safe and intimate birthing experience.

Complementing this are knowledgeable and compassionate physicians and registered nurses.

The physicians include Venkata Ramani Dasari, MD; Daniel Coty, DO; and Raj Mahajan, MD.

“Our C-section moms have told us they truly appreciate being able to almost instantly hold their new baby after birth,” said Obstetrician/Gynecologist Mahajan. “This is a special time in a family’s life and we want to ensure that it meets every expectation.”

The maternity center enjoys a 98 percent patient satisfaction ranking among peer group hospitals, according to Press Ganey, which is the largest provider of healthcare satisfaction measurement data in the country.

In the maternity center, outstanding care is assured with board-certified physicians available 24 hours per day.

A physician anesthesiologist is always available to meet the pain needs of laboring women, including general anesthesia, spinals and epidurals.

To extend the best care to newborns, a neonatal nurse practitioner is always available.

Oswego Hospital is one of only two community hospitals in the region to provide this level care to newborns.

Along with these medical professionals, a full complement of midwives, nurse practitioners and nursing staff are there to help patients and family members through this wonderful experience.

Some financial support for the new C-section room has been provided by Kinney Drugs and the local chapter of the Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club.

To learn more about Oswego Hospital’s maternity center, please visit oswegohealth.org/healthybabies