Oswego, In-Nova.1 To Host Jeremy Rifkin At First Global Investors Summit

OSWEGO, NY – The first Global Investors Summit is to be held October 28 and 29 at the Lake Ontario Events and Conference Center, Oswego.

The conference is part of the In-Nova.1 project to bring markets to Oswego and Central New York State, also creating sustainable high-paying jobs for the area.

The Global Investor Summit is the beginning of a larger effort. While the physical presence of In-Nova.1 is yet to be realized and the site yet to be disclosed, it can and will operate as a virtual program with the same goals.

“Our purpose is to draw attention to the Oswego area as a place for investment in real estate as a means to build up business and to open the area to the ‘third industrial revolution’ that is taking place in the world of alternative energy. Oswegonians can capitalize on the opportunities created by the third industrial revolution,” said Joseph Pilotta, Ph.D., managing partner, In-Nova.1 LLC.

The keynote speaker will be the author of “The Third Industrial Revolution,” Jeremy Rifkin.

He is the best-selling author of 18 books and the adviser to the European Union on the steps to reduce fossil fuel consumption and invest in clean-tech and renewables.

Rifkin’s work and his thesis on “The Third Industrial Revolution” has become an organizing principle for corporations, countries and non-governmental agencies around the world.

Also, In-Nova.1 will be developing the TIR curriculum for worldwide distribution as part of our commitment to a zero-energy facility and the Institute for Energy, commercializing products of small companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Rifkin’s five pillars of the Third Industrial Revolution are:
1. Shifting to renewable energy.
2. Transforming building stock into micro-power plants of renewable energy.
3. Deploying hydrogen into every building to store intermittent energy.
4. Using the internet to transform the power grid into an energy internet.
5. Transforming the transport fleet to electric plug and fuel cell vehicles that create green electricity.

About 50% of the worldwide electricity generation capacity is already in renewable energy.

Germany has surpassed its goal of 50% of energy as renewable, having reached 74% in the past year. It has been reported that six million new jobs have been created by renewable energy.

Take-aways for attendees at the Summit include a chance to talk one-on-one about their energy projects to the speakers, learning about opportunities and even more important, building credible networks.

The speakers will put Oswego on their radar screen as a place with space, beauty and human capital resources with a high commitment to the future success of the community.

“Both speakers and attendees will learn that the incentives created by Oswego County and New York State are far more than any other state or county in the USA,” said Pilotta. “We welcome sponsors for the Summit who will benefit from our worldwide media distribution through Oryx media platform with Bloomberg and the UAE and China as well as other parts of the Middle East.”

Oryx will be holding a Global Investor Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE, February – March 2015 at which Pilotta will serve as chair and where he will promote investment in Oswego and In-Nova.1.

About In-Nova.1 LLC

In-Nova.1 is an LLC with a recombinant model of organization in the development of global models of profitability and on-going job creation.

More information about In-Nova.1 LLC can be found at facebook.com/InNova.1LLC. More information about Dr. Pilotta is available on his LinkedIn profile at Joe Pilotta, PhD.