Oswego Industries, Inc. Pilots “7th Inning Stretch” Employee Exercise Program


FULTON, NY – Oswego Industries, Inc. is currently piloting a program that incorporates physical exercise into the daily routines of its Production supervisors and employees. Called “The Seventh Inning Stretch,” the program was developed by Oswego Industries’ Physical Therapist, Laurie Mills, and will be conducted twice daily on the work lines at the organization’s Fulton locations.

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“Much of the work we do requires repetitive motion, or sitting or standing for long periods,” said Mills. “That, in itself, can be a stress on the body. Just by stopping, stretching, and moving in very simple ways twice a day, we can relieve that stress on the body as well as giving the mind a little bit of fun. Our hope is that ‘The Seventh Inning Stretch’ will also help support long-term health goals for our employees.”

Mills has begun the process of leading the work lines, one at a time, through the exercises. As the employees are becoming familiar with the movements, the supervisors are learning how to conduct the sessions themselves. As each supervisor masters the program and begins conducting sessions, Mills moves on to the next line. One line is already conducting sessions independently, and the process will continue until all lines are running the program, both at the Morrill Place facility and at the North East Operations facility.

Oswego Industries, Inc. has built a reputation over the past 40 years for dependable and reliable service to its customers. Located in Fulton, New York, the organization offers a wide variety of manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, custodial, and shipping services to industry, medical, and government partners across the country. As a private, not-for-profit Community Rehabilitation Program, Oswego Industries, Inc. has been providing programs and services to adults with disabilities since 1968: including pre-vocational and vocational training, and sustained employment to enable individuals to grow with dignity and achieve their highest level of independence and self-fulfillment. Most recently, Oswego Industries, Inc. was named winner of the Chamber of Commerce Not-For-Profit of the Year Award for 2009. Its sister agency, ARC of Oswego County, provides services to children and seniors with disabilities: together creating a comprehensive support system for Oswego County residents with disabilities. For more information, visit the organization’s website at www.OswegoIndustriesInc.com .