Oswego Library Hosts Public Summer Programs

The Oswego Public Library will host the following free programs as part of the library’s Summer Reading Program “Be Creative”.

Monday, August 3rd
10:30am Theatre make up Demonstration

Tuesday, August 4th (Older children and teens)

1:00 pm Free Read
2:00 pm Recycled Bows

Wednesday, August 5th
10:30am Dance

Thursday, August 6th
12:30pm Jazz Stories
1:00pm Tony Joseph & Friends – Jazz Program

Friday, August 7th
1:00pm Studio C – Dance: Teach, History, Perform

Free Read – Older Children & Teens Story Hour – Younger Children

The event is open to all children and teens.

Oswego Public Library 120 E. Second Street Oswego, NY
Phone 315- 341-5867 Website: www.oswegopubliclibrary.org
CONTACT: Karen Swartz: Children’s Program Coordinator 341-5867
Carol Ferlito: Library Director 341-5867

For additional information, please visit www.oswegopubliclibrary.org