Oswego Library Public Computing Center Announces New Free Classes and Offers Help for Job Seekers

Sue Hansen instructs a class on Internet Basics in the Public Computing Center.
Sue Hansen instructs a class on Internet Basics in the Public Computing Center.

The Oswego Public Library’s Public Computing Center recently completed a round of basic computer classes.  New classes are forming now.  Sessions meet at the beginning of each month and continue over a one-month period of time, usually for eight sessions.  Classes take place weekday mornings, evenings, and on Saturdays to accommodate everyone’s schedule.  People who want to learn to use computers and the internet are encouraged to take these classes.   It is recommended that people take the course on Basic Computer Skills before signing up for Internet Basics, or be proficient at using a mouse before taking the internet course.

New in June is a course on keyboarding.  Keyboarding is the skill of entering, or typing, information into a computer.  Knowing how to keyboard increases one’s speed at using a computer and replaces the slow “hunt and peck” method of typing.  Keyboarding is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, mornings from 10 am to noon, beginning June 1, 2011.  One-time workshops on Saturdays have also been added to the schedule.  Topics for one-time workshops include Your Online Library, Facebook, Microsoft Word, Tweak Your Photos, and Genealogy Resources.   To sign up for any of the free courses at Oswego Public Library Public Computing Center, please call Oswego Public Library at 315-341-5867 or stop at the Main Desk in the library.  The Oswego Public library is located at 120 East Second Street in Oswego.  Classes are also offered at Fulton Public Library and sign-up for classes in Fulton is at the Library, 160 South First St., Fulton, or by calling 592-5159.

High speed internet, use of the library’s computers, and someone to help when classes are not in session, are also available daily, except Sundays, in the Public Computing Center, located on the lower level of the library.  The Public Computing Center is staffed by Director Theresa Slosek and Instructors Lisa Czirr and Sue Hansen.  “We are very friendly,” said Ms. Slosek.  “We want to help everyone who wants to become familiar with computers and today’s technology.  Lisa, Sue, and I offer smiles, a lot of help, and great tips on using computers.”

The Public Computing Center is also open for job seekers wanting help with developing a resume, writing a cover letter, looking for jobs online, completing an online application, or any activity using a computer to help find a job.  In cooperation with Literacy Volunteers, job readiness and career advancement workshops are offered in the Community Room at Oswego Public Library.  To sign up for these workshops, please call Literacy Volunteers at 315-342-8839.

The Community Room is now equipped with videoconferencing equipment that businesses, and community organizations can use and an Open House will be held in the near future to showcase videoconferencing and the Public Computing Center.

The Public Computing Center and videoconferencing equipment are made possible by a Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant.