Oswego Man Facing Myriad Charges

OSWEGO, NY – On Monday at 8 a.m., Vernelle E. Wilson, 69, of 225 W. First St., Oswego, was arrested for second-degree AUO (21 scoffs on six dates, 10/28/07 three speeding violations or misdemeanors in 18 months,08/08/07 unsatisfied judgment, 08/02/07 three speeding violations or misdemeanors in 18 months, 03/22/07 failure to pay driver responsibility assessment, (2) 02/22/07 failure to pay fine Onondaga County, Town of Salina, 02/14/04 failure to pay fine Onondaga County, Town of Salina, (2)10/04/03 failure to answer a summons Onondaga County, Town of Salina, 02/20/03 administrative action by department, (2) 08/29/02 failure to answer a summons Orange County, Town of Tuxedo, (3) 12/08/94 operating without insurance, (4) 11/09/94 failure to pay a fine Kings County, Brooklyn North Adm, (10) 11/08/94 Kings County, Brooklyn South Adm.); Criminal Possession of Stolen Property, 4th degree, a class E felony; Possession of a Forged Instrument, 2nd degree, a class D felony and Criminal Impersonation, 2nd degree, a class A misdemeanor.

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Vernelle E. Wilson

The arrest follows the investigation into a traffic stop on SR 104 initiated by the LPR unit alerting and showing a stolen vehicle from an impound yard in the city of Oswego.

Mr. Wilson is to have allegedly been in the possession of another individual’s driver’s license with the vehicle he was driving registered to an individual that had passed away in 2011.

He was arraigned in the Town of Scriba Court by Judge Adkins and remanded to the OCJ in lieu of $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond with a return to T/O Scriba Court on 9/27/12.