Oswego Mayor Barlow Endorses Deana Michaels for Mayor

Impressed by her private sector qualifications and intended focus on economic development were key reasons according to Barlow for his endorsement.

FULTON, NY – Oswego City Mayor Billy Barlow endorsed Deana Michaels for mayor of Fulton.

Billy Barlow and Deana Michaels

Impressed by her private sector qualifications and intended focus on economic development were key reasons according to Barlow for his endorsement.

“Deana Michaels has the passion, the experience and the collaborative energy needed to be a successful mayor,” Barlow said. “I’ve had numerous opportunities to get to know Deana
and I am confident that she will deliver for Fulton. In particular I am excited about partnering with Deana as mayor to further connect our two cities and promote our cities as destinations for
visitors. Often what is good for Fulton is also good for Oswego.”

“Having the support and endorsement of Mayor Barlow means the world to me,” Michaels said. “Anyone who has visited Oswego during his tenure as mayor has seen the remarkable transformation that he and his team have led. I want to bring that same can-do attitude and attention to customer service to City Hall in Fulton.”

Michaels, a first-time candidate recently filed petitions to appear on the Republican, Independence and Conservative Party ballot lines.

She is a resident of Fulton and longtime community volunteer.

Professionally, she has served as market manager for Pathfinder Bank and is a graduate of the Stonier Graduate
School of Banking at the University of Pennsylvania.

She has additional training at the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University and the Wharton Business School where she earned a certificate in Leadership.


  1. I see a major conflict working at the bank and trying to run the city. Also Barlow does not run the city of Fulton. People need to look at how she can wear both hats. Its a major conflict in our city

  2. Is doesn’t matter billy backing her won’t change the fact she will raise the taxes and run the place into the ground. It will be a negative impact on our city with her running it. Not to mention look what he did to the fire department! We want that here in our city? This isn’t a bank these are people. No one wants her she is not a good person.

  3. Mayor Barlow has done so much for Oswego and I trust his judgement in choosing Deanna Michaels and further connecting the 2 cities. Fulton needs all the help it can get from the both of them combining the 2 citys. Mayor Barlow has done so much for Oswego. I think it is the best thing that could happen.

  4. What will we call it Foswego. We can not combine the two. Sharing ideas is one thing. Barlow has no vote here we the citizens of Fulton do. Our issues are in much more dire straits then oswego. Doesnt she have her own ideas. What is she going to do for us ????

  5. BOB C, I actually think that her working at a bank will be a positive. In her years at Pathfinder she has been able to be involved in many projects. Those projects included numerous community/county partners. Those contacts could become valuable for our city, it also shows her leadership skills being able to do so.

  6. ME, so what makes her a bad person? The fact that she raised her son here? The fact that she is employed in the city? The fact that she has been involved in many civic organizations? The fact that she has many connections from years of her volunteering in many capacities? The fact that she has no criminal record? The fact that she is being endorsed by many others? Hmm please let me know why she isn’t a good person. You seem to know something that hundreds and hundreds, if not thousand don’t know.

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