Oswego Mayor Commends Passing Of Governor Cuomo’s Budget

OSWEGO, NY -Oswego Mayor Thomas Gillen said that he applauds the successful passing of Governor Cuomo’s budget.

The Governor continues to fulfill his commitment to the people of New York State by focusing on reinvestment in our communities and working families, the mayor said.

Mayor Gillen further stated that in honoring his pledge to help the city of Oswego and the Port of Oswego Authority, Governor Cuomo’s vision and actions will positively impact not just the economy of Oswego, but the entire Upstate area as well.

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  1. Maybe we can get some extra money to repair the potholes in a timely manor this year and some extra DPW workers to do it. We need a re paving schedule to do the streets. We had one back in the seventies and haven’t done it since. They only pave what has been torn up and very poorly I might add. Here’s a novel idea, why not have the ships that come into our port pay a FEE because they might need our EMTs or fire department. I know NYC collects a FEE in their port along with the state so why can’t we?????

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