Oswego Mayor Comments On Governor’s Budget Plan

By Tom Gillen, Oswego Mayor
OSWEGO, NY – Yesterday afternoon, Governor Cuomo released his Executive Budget for the State of New York’s Fiscal Year – 2013.

I commend the Governor for his commitment to fiscal responsibility by eliminating a gap of $1.3 billion with no new taxes and fees.

He is also holding the line on State spending growth under 2% for the third consecutive year.

I also appreciate his commitment to real economic development for New York State – particularly the upstate area.

House New York will build and preserve more affordable housing units for upstate New York.

Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance reform will have a significant positive impact on growing our economy.

We now have the tools to encourage new investment, create new jobs and attract tourism to our city.

His plan to fund new initiatives that will attract new technology-based businesses and knowledge-based industry to our area is a much needed strategy.

Governor Cuomo should be commended for his efforts to address two significant cost drivers for local government – pensions and binding arbitration rewards.

His efforts for mandate relief are to be applauded as well.

Through the Governor’s commitment to focusing on good policymaking and not political gamesmanship, our community will benefit and grow as an important contributor to the regional economy of upstate New York.

Like my administration in the city of Oswego, the Governor’s office means what it says when they say, “We work for the people ….  with performance, integrity and pride.”