Oswego Mayor Makes Offer To Former Friendly’s Workers

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow has made an offer to temporarily assist workers at the Oswego Friendly’s who lost their jobs when the company abruptly closed several CNY stores.

“I’m making a direct job offer to the employees of the Oswego Friendly’s location who are facing unemployment due to the sudden and unexpected closure,” he posted on Facebook today.

The city has temporary, seasonal positions at the DPW for summer help available from May to September, he said.

The mayor is offering a job to those being let go from Friendly’s.

“This offer gives the employees an opportunity to continue earning a paycheck while they look for new, long-term employment,” he said.

The workers will earn $11.40 per hour from May-October.

“It is budgeted money for summer time help at the marina and our parks,” the mayor told Oswego County Today. “We are simply offering the jobs to Friendly’s employees first.”