Oswego Mayor Urges Water Conservation Measures Continue

OSWEGO – Oswego Mayor Tom Gillen has announced that due to construction work on the Riley Booster Station and other associated water distribution system plans, he is repeating his request from earlier this month for residents to continue to conserve water usage for the next few weeks.

It is requested that all users of city of Oswego water, which include the towns of Scriba and New Haven, curtail the use of water as much as possible for the next few weeks.

Gillen is asking that all residential, commercial and industrial users limit water usage to only the amounts needed and put off optional demand (such as lawn watering, car washing, pool filling, etc) until after August 21.

The Gallagher Pool at Fort Ontario will continue to be open.

However, the water spray pools located at various parks throughout the City have been shut off until the situation improves.

In addition, it is requested that you report any suspected water main or hydrant leaks to the DPW at 342-4212.