Oswego Mayoral Candidates’ Debate Set Wednesday

OSWEGO – Amy Tresidder, the Democratic candidate for mayor of Oswego, and Billy Barlow, the Republican candidate, will square off in a debate Wednesday evening.

The event will be held at the OHS theater at 6 p.m.

“I see the major difference between us is my life experience. I’ve been a legislator for six years. I have the experience of sitting at a negotiating table, knowing how to communicate and debate without forgetting to be civil and respectful, to be able to get the assistance of people who have more knowledge than you do. To respect the leadership styles of those whose skills are necessary to run their department. To be able to delegate. I have relationships with the county, the port and I will use those relationships to support the city’s operations,” Tresidder said. “I will reach out to central NY so that Oswego can be seen as a part of CNY and not isolated. And I’m more interested in the city and its residents than I am the politics and power.”

Barlow is currently the Fifth Ward Councilor for the city of Oswego.

“Voters have an opportunity for change, the ability to go in in November and start fresh on Jan. 1,” he said. “Now is the time to do something different, something drastic. It’s time to really, really shake up City Hall and finally allow our city to reach its true potential, capitalizing on the positives and aggressively addressing the negatives.”

The difference between the two candidates is “I have a plan and I can tell you how I’m going to accomplish these things,” Barlow said. “My ability to provide an actual vision for the city and outline the goals I want to achieve as mayor has served me well up to this point, along with my clear record of being effective in government already as a councilor.”

“I just feel also that I understand the challenges of paying taxes, mortgage and all that comes along with being a homeowner and raising a family. I can relate first hand to what people are facing,” Tresidder added. “That’s the reason I’m doing this.  I’m a taxpayer. I approach this challenge from that standpoint.”

Barlow, who turned 25 in September, said his age, business experience, and time on the council has him prepared to lead in city government.

If elected, councilman Barlow would be the city’s youngest-ever mayor. A victory for legislator Tresidder would make her the first female mayor in Oswego’s history.

The mayoral election will take place on November 3, where voters will have a chance to decide between Barlow, Tresidder and current Mayor Thomas Gillen.