Oswego Middle School Celebrates First-Ever Scholar Athletes

OMS scholar athletes

OSWEGO – The Oswego City School District Athletic Director Rhonda Bullard is proud to announce the first-ever class of Oswego Middle School scholar athletes.

The inaugural honors were awarded to 22 eighth graders who participated in either three or four interscholastic athletic teams over the course of the 2018-2019 school year and have maintained either honor roll or high honor roll status.

In an Oswego Middle School letter sent home to parents, Principal Mary Beth Fierro wrote that both she and the OMS faculty and staff members recognized “the hard work and commitment that goes into playing a sport each season of the school year, while at the same time keeping up with their studies.”

Each scholar athletes, she wrote, had successfully demonstrated they are able to achieve that needed balance.

The excitement for the inaugural OSM scholar athletes as they work toward their athletic career at Oswego High School, Fierro said, is immeasurable.

Bullard echoed that sentiment and said she has recognized that being a middle school student can be challenging with increased academic rigor, physical and emotional growth and opportunities to participate in clubs and interscholastic sports.

“Being a scholar athlete is quite an accomplishment, as it takes dedication to both academics and athletics,” she said. “Both Principal Fierro and I were elated that we could acknowledge and honor these outstanding student athletes. It is great to see them become more fully prepared and life ready.”

At the middle school there are four sports seasons; fall, winter I, winter II and spring.

If an OMS student athlete played a sport at OHS during the winter, that covered two winter seasons and was counted as two sports.

The first-ever OMS scholar athletes are:

Sophia Babcock, four-sport (cross country, junior varsity basketball and varsity golf); Allyson Bruns, four-sport (soccer, volleyball, basketball and lacrosse); Catherine Callen, four-sport (junior varsity soccer, junior varsity basketball and varsity golf); Jordan Caroccio, four-sport (junior varsity soccer, varsity hockey and softball); Kaelyn Cisson, four-sport (soccer, volleyball, basketball and lacrosse); Donovan Constanza, three-sport (soccer, volleyball and basketball); Brett Dykas, four-sport (cross country, volleyball, basketball and track); Adriana Ellis, three-sport (junior varsity basketball and soccer); Jordan Ferlito, four-sport (soccer, volleyball, basketball and softball); Mia Fierro, four-sport (junior varsity soccer, varsity hockey and varsity lacrosse); Michael Fierro, four-sport (soccer, volleyball, basketball and baseball); Talbert Hall, three-sport (football, volleyball and lacrosse); Sydney Hoefer, three-sport (soccer, basketball and track); Riley King, three-sport (junior varsity volleyball and junior varsity basketball); Lucas Maniccia, three-sport (soccer, wrestling and varsity tennis); Logan Mathews, three-sport (football, wrestling and track); Gavin Mills, four-sport (football, volleyball, basketball and lacrosse); Celeste Mulcahey, three-sport (volleyball, basketball and lacrosse); McKenzie Partlow, three-sport (varsity swimming and diving, wrestling and track); Riley Reynolds, four-sport (football, volleyball, basketball and softball); Marissa (Rosie) Wallace, four-sport (junior varsity soccer, varsity hockey and lacrosse); and Kaiden Whiteside, three-sport (football, basketball and lacrosse).