Oswego Middle School Principal Speaks At Rotary

OSWEGO, NY – Principal Bonnie R. Finnerty told the Oswego Sunrise Rotary about her three years at Oswego Middle School.

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Principal Bonnie R. Finnerty of Oswego Middle School, is greeted by Oswego Sunrise Rotary President carol Reed, left.

Many great things have been accomplished during her tenure.

There are 625 students enrolled at Oswego Middle School.

The state removed OMS from its Schools In Need of Improvement list as a result of improvement in academic standards.

A new wing has been added to the school and is used by the language department.

She thanked the Sunrise Rotary for supporting her school with its Top 50 program honoring students for academic achievements.

Students who have had low performance have made great improvements, she pointed out.

One student has improved enough to achieve high honor grades.

Awards have been received for artistic work by her students.

She is very pleased with her staff correcting a problem of cyber bullying among her students.

The school learned of a student being bullied and responded to correct the problem with the offending students and their parents.

Good work is being done at Oswego Middle School.