Oswego Native Hopes Radio On The Internet Brings You News And A Smile

Marv Kaminsky
Marv Kaminsky

Marv Kaminsky has a face for radio and he’s fine with that. He loves radio.

Kaminsky is an Oswego native who recently moved back home from the South to pursue a career in library science and to boost his radio-related project, RadioOswego.com.

He used to help wake up Oswego County residents as a newscaster on WSGO and WGES radio in Oswego, back when it was owned by Dr. Robert Gessner, in a time when Oswego County had locally-owned and locally-focused radio stations including WOSC/WKFM in Fulton and WSCP AM/FM in Sandy Creek.

All of those radio frequencies still exist, but they’re owned by regional and national chains. None broadcasts news and information exclusively for Oswego County; most broadcast little or no news at all. The last radio station licensed to Oswego County that operates a newsroom is non-commercial WRVO-FM at SUNY Oswego, and its news tends to focus on Onondaga County or the state.

Kaminsky felt there was room for Oswego County news in a broadcast style and modern technology made it possible to do so inexpensively. RadioOswego.com features a daily news update (including world and national news provided by the Voice of America, the US government’s non-political worldwide radio news service), a daily weather update, a daily health report and a feature or two.

“There’s a place for this local service in our sophisticated world,” said Kaminsky.

He’s happy to be back behind a microphone and knows the value of a friendly voice. “This is the guy who gets my day started, who tells me whether it’s going to rain or snow. There isn’t any of that anymore,” he said. “It’s all big corporations.”

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  1. I just started listening and I think this is going to be a daily thing for me. Radio is certainly not what it used to be and to do a broadcast such as this really brings back a focus on local news and radio as it should be. I grew up in Fulton in the days of WOSC and WSGO, with their local news and shows. Radio had a true local personality then. Now I live in Arizona and I think this is a fantastic way to keep up on Oswego County events and news, at the same time bringing back a radio sound that should have never left.
    Thanks Marv!!!!

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