Oswego Native, Ryan ONeil, Publishes First Book

Ryan ONeil
Ryan ONeil

Plain Old Kirby Carson, published by Auriferous Books in Association with Literary Underground, is Ryan ONeil’s debut publication which began appearing the shelves March 23.

Plain Old Kirby Carson is the innocent tale of a shy young boy. Kirby Carson was not the most popular kid at school nor was he a standout in any way. In fact, very few people even noticed plain old Kirby Carson at all.

Everything was about to change when Sue Andrews, Monika Randolph, and the class bully all came looking for Kirby in the same day. He knew that his old tattered jean jacket would not be enough to keep him hidden any longer.

Plain Old Kirby Carson is a Middle Grade / Young Adult book perfect for children ages 9 -12 or for anyone who is still a child at heart and looks back on the awkward school years with a grin.

Ryan ONeil was born and raised in Oswego, New York. He is the son of Edward ONeil and Queenie and Jim Sands. It was the hustle and bustle of Long Island and the love of a pretty woman that beckoned him to pull up roots and move away from his Port City home. When not sitting in traffic he spends the majority of his days as a Network Engineer. His free time is spent with his wife, Linette, and two extremely energetic children, Andrew and Lena. He is a fanatic baseball fan (GO YANKEES!!!) and has a passion for bacon, barbecued meat, and 80’s glam rock. On random Saturday nights he can be found co-hosting the top rated comedy entertainment talk radio show, Annie & Burl Live!