Oswego Opera Theater Thanks Artists, Sponsors, Audience

On behalf of the Oswego Opera Theater Board of Directors, I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who helped make our recent production such a resounding success. Our presentation of Craig Schulman sings “Heroes, Monsters & Madmen” was a memorable evening by all accounts.

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<p>International Star Craig Schulman floors a crowd at the American Foundry with his show "Heroes, Monsters & Madmen" on March 23.</p>

Our artists deserve special thanks for treating us to such a wonderful performance. Mr. Schulman showed the audience exactly why he has become an international star with his presentation of show-stopping Broadway songs. In addition, his long-standing support of Oswego Opera Theater was on display that evening, and continues to be greatly appreciated.

His arranger and music director, Mr. Andrew Riddle, also deserves very special thanks. He spared no compliments for our local musicians, Trevor Jorgenson, Kristin Jorgenson, David Welsch, Rebecca Horning, Jeffrey Stockham, and Thomas Norton, and we add our congratulations and thank yous to those well-deserved accolades.

Of course, the evening wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors. In particular, we thank our Gold Level Sponsors Barbara McCormack, Alliance Bank, Breakwall Asset Management, and Step One Creative. Our media sponsors – Oswego County Today, Oswego County Weeklies, and WRVO – continue to be important pillars of support for Oswego Opera Theater in particular, and arts in our community in general.

In addition, the more than 75 individuals who attended our sponsors’ dinner and reception with Craig Schulman were integral parts of this entire effort. Without the gracious support and enthusiastic attendance of all of our supporters and sponsors, we would not be able to bring world-class entertainment to our community.

Thank you.

Finally, thank you to our audience. Your attendance and participation at this amazing event proved once again that there is strong public demand for – and appreciation of – this calibre of quality entertainment in our community. Moreover, your continued attendance and support ensures that we can continue to provide it.

Thank you!
Dr. Marilynn Smiley, President