Oswego PD Lipsync Challenge

GREAT SCOTT!!! The Oswego City Police Department has answered your call! Here is their attempt at the law enforcement #LipSyncchallenge. Thank you to all of the men and women of the OPD who volunteered their off-duty time to appear in the video and thank you to Step One Creative who donated their production assistance. Enjoy!

Members of the Oswego Police Department have been seeing the law enforcement lipsync challenge videos posted on social media from other departments across the country.
They were contacted by numerous city residents asking our officers to join in the fun, Chief Tory DeCaire said.
A few OPD officers got together on their off-duty time with Kyle Ridlon Productions and Step One Creative (who both donated their production assistance) to develop the concept and created the video.

Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow is “represented” in the video.

“The Oswego Police Department is an extremely critical piece of our community and a piece of our community we are extremely proud of,” the mayor said. “The city of Oswego is proud to join many other communities nationwide bydoing a lip sync challenge, highlighting our city’s law enforcement personnel.”

“In regards to the experience of filming the video, it was an experience!” Officer Zackary Quinones said.

Being a police officer, you’re always used to being hot in your duty uniform and gear, he said.

“But, having to sing and dance in it … is a totally different hot,” he added. “Also, seeing how StepOne Media and Kyle Ridlon Productions could envision the complete video but take the different scenes, angles and snip its out of order, was very creative and enlightening. Overall, it was a fun experience to show the community that even though we wear a badge and uniform, we are still human beings that have personalities and enjoy life!”


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