Oswego Players Awarded Youth Bureau Grant

OSWEGO – Paul McKinney, president of the Oswego Players, Inc., is proud to announce that the organization has been awarded a $4,000 grant for its Theater Arts Youth Academy program for 2019.

From left: Brian Chetney, executive director of the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau; Matt Fleming, artistic director TAYA; Tammy Thompson, president of the Board of Directors of the City-County Youth Bureau

TAYA, as it is known, was initiated in February of this year to engage students from 8 to 18 in a year-long instructional program dealing with community theater arts.

During their first semester, 16 students attended Saturday courses in acting, graphic design, lighting technology, costuming, makeup, and scenic design.

Local artists from the community and SUNY Oswego conducted classroom seminars and practicums for four weekends in February.

The culminating activity for the semester came in the production of the play, “Snow White and the Queen of Mean.”

In accepting the award, McKinney, expressed his gratitude to the Youth Bureau for its generous support in enhancing and extending the program this year.

“Involving our youth in this type of program has been shown to positively improve academic achievement and enhances the self concept of those who participate,” McKinney said.

All students from Oswego County are eligible to participate in this free program for any or all semesters.

Information will be available soon for the summer session.

For those interested in more information on TAYA, please visit oswegoplayers.org