Oswego Players Present ‘Mame’ Next Month

OSWEGO, NY – “You coax the blues right out of the horn … you charm the husk right off of the corn….”

Ah, the strains of one of Broadway’s most loved musicals, “Mame,” will be flowing through the Frances Marion Brown theatre, beginning July 5 for a two-weekend run.

Peter Mahan and Moe Harrington play a scene from the musical “Mame.” Picture Credit: Tobie McIntosh
Peter Mahan and Moe Harrington play a scene from the musical “Mame.” Picture Credit: Tobie McIntosh

Stage director Inez Manor Parker and music director Abel Searor are deep in rehearsals with their stellar cast of this marvelous piece of nostalgia for the pleasure of local audiences.

Moe Harrington, a popular Syracuse area actress, brings life and lungs to the lead role of the eccentric Mame.

Her two main cohorts are Agnes Gooch, played by Rita Warlock, and Vera, portrayed by Laurie Lowrie.

The supporting cast includes many familiar and talented faces including Junior Babcock (Norman J. Berlin III), Beauregard (Peter Mahan), Ito (Bobby Fontana), Sally Cato (Tammy Wilkinson), Gloria Upson (Liz Ladd), Pageen Ryan (Jennifer Snow), Dwight Babcock (Ed Schladebeck), Lindsay (Christopher Metz) Uncle Jeff (Ed Lewis), Cousin Fran (Marsha Preston), Patrick Dennis – adult (Liam Fitzpatrick), Ralph Devine/Gregor (Ken Snow),
Madame Branislowski (Rita LaPage), Mr. and Mrs. Upson (Rob Hill and Mary Beth Hill), Peter Dennis (Michael Gerth), Patrick at 10 (Joseph Becker), and last but far from least, Mother Burnside, our own director, Inez Parker.

The chorus of the show is: Joannie Anderson, Rita laPage, Julia Dighe, Mary Beth Hill, Emily Gerth, Tammy Wilkinson, Marsha Preston and Liz Ladd and Norman Berlin III, Chris Metz, Mikey Gerth, Liam Fitzpatrick, Rob Hill, Joseph Becker and Michael Moss.

The run will start July 5 at 8 p.m., continuing July 6, 12 and 13 at 8.

A matinee on July 14 at 2 p.m. will close the show.

The Players would like to acknowledge the Pathfinder Bank for its support toward their 75th season productions.

The Oswego Players’ website at www.oswegoplayers.org is the source for more information.