Oswego Police Announce Parade Information

OSWEGO, NY – In preparation for the 2013 Independence Day Parade, to be held on Sunday, the Oswego Police Department  wishes to  announce the following traffic advisories and general information:

Alcoholic Beverages / Open Container Ordinance

The parade is designated to be a fun family oriented event and we ask all those attending to be respectful of others and to act responsibly.

The  city of Oswego’s Open Container Ordinance, which prohibits the possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a public place, will remain in effect throughout this event.

Traffic Control / Signage

The parade will begin along Liberty Street, proceeding north from Oswego High School and then proceed east on State Route 104 to East Seventh Street.

As always, intersections along the parade route will be barricaded and there will be uniformed police officers posted at several of them.

As a result, pedestrians and motorists will see an increase in traffic on Utica Street during the parade.

Street Closings

On  Sunday beginning at noon, the barricades along the parade route will be put into place, effectively closing State Route 104 to vehicular traffic from East Tenth Street to Hillside Avenue.

This will remain in effect until the conclusion of the parade.

Additionally, there are a number of temporary parking restrictions that motorists should be aware of (see listing of affected streets below).


Parking is limited near the parade route.

The following temporary parking restrictions will be in effect:

Liberty Street from West Utica Street to West Bridge Street (No Parking)
State Route 104 from Liberty Street to East Tenth Street (No Parking)
East Seventh Street from East Bridge Street to Schuyler Street (No Parking)