Oswego Police Chief Announces Plans to Retire in January 2020

OPD Chief Tory DeCaire praises first responders
OPD Chief Tory DeCaire praises first responders

OSWEGO – Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow congratulated Police Chief Tory L. DeCaire today, Nov. 25, as the chief announced his intent to retire in January 2020 after 22 years of service with the Oswego City Police Department and more than eight years of which as the city’s Chief of Police.

According to Mayor Barlow, “Originally hired as a Patrol Officer in January 1998, Chief DeCaire worked his way through the ranks of the department before being selected as the department’s ‘top cop’ in May 2011 making him twentieth Chief of Police for the OPD and the longest serving OPD Chief since Chief Floyd Kunzwiler retired in 1987. I’ve had the privilege to work with Chief DeCaire on a number of city programs including the resurrection of the DARE and SRO programs, partnering with local agencies to create the Rapid Evaluation and Appropriate Placement program as well as various other city initiatives geared toward community policing and improving the overall quality of life for the citizens of Oswego.”

“I am extremely grateful for Chief DeCaire’s service. The Oswego Police Department has been a major component to Oswego’s recent renaissance and under Chief DeCaire’s leadership, the police department has aided our code enforcement efforts, focused on community policing and conducted special initiatives to ensure the safety of all Oswego residents,” the mayor added. “Chief DeCaire always pushed for a more efficient, effective department by reducing overtime costs, implementing innovative changes and consistently found ways to improve service to the public. On behalf of the Oswego Common Council and the entire Oswego community, I congratulate Chief DeCaire on an impeccable career and thank him for 22 years of exceptional service to his community in law enforcement.”

Chief DeCaire said, “I had never intended to stay on as chief past my 20 years of service. However, when Mayor Barlow first took over and, after hearing his robust agenda to drive Oswego forward, I promised to stay in my position at least until he secured his second term in office, allowing the Mayor to focus on the many projects and improvements he had in store. Now, with the mayor preparing to begin his second term, and with some the extraordinary achievements already in place and many more in the works, I saw this as my opportunity to focus on my future endeavors. I look forward to seeing the progression of Oswego’s revitalization as well as the continuation of the excellent and professional police service that our community has come to expect and deserves.”

With a focus on community policing, Chief DeCaire credits the hard work and dedication of the sworn and civilian personnel of the department as one of many reasons that the city has witnessed a decrease in index crimes since Chief DeCaire has been at the helm of the department.

According to New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services statistics, the city of Oswego had an index crime (a statistic which is most commonly used to gauge and compare overall crime volume) of 760 in 2011.

In the years following, the city of Oswego saw a steady decrease, in keeping with a nationwide trend, resulting in the most recent total index crime of 491 in 2018, a 35% overall decrease.

“Policing, and society as a whole, has changed dramatically over the last two decades. I am pleased to say that the willingness of the Officers of the Oswego Police Department to change and adapt with the times has been crucial in the success that we’ve had in our community. I am beyond proud of the job that the women and men who call OPD home have done over the years. I am forever grateful for their efforts.” said DeCaire.

“I have spent my entire career working toward bettering the community. Now that I prepare to embark on a new path, I plan to continue working toward that goal in ways yet to be determined,” he added. “For now, I’m looking forward to enjoying some off time, being with my loved ones and hopefully, come summer, being able to enjoy the amazing Harborfest fireworks with my family for the very first time. Thank you, Oswego, it has been my honor to serve as your police chief!”#
Photo of Mayor William J. Barlow, Jr.(left) congratulating Police Chief Tory L. DeCaire (right).

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