Oswego Police Continue To Probe Couple’s Deaths

OSWEGO, NY – Members of the Oswego City Police Department have been continuing their investigation into the incident at 207 E. Seventh St. in which officers discovered a deceased couple, Richard, 89, and Josephine
Hyse, 86.

Dr. Hyse was an emeritus economics professor at SUNY Oswego. His wife was a well-known local graphic artist and watercolorist.

Upon further investigation and consultation with the Onondaga County Medical Examiner’s Office as well as the Oswego County District Attorney’s Office, it has been determined that the incident involved the homicide of Mrs. Hyse.

Investigators have determined that Mrs. Hyse died as a result of a single gun shot to the back of her neck, fired by Mr. Hyse.

Additionally, autopsy results have determined that Mrs. Hyse had also self-ingested a large quantity of prescription narcotic.

The exact cause of Mr. Hyse’s death has yet to be determined.

But, police say it is apparent that the cause was not at the hands of a third party.

The investigation into the exact circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Hyse is continuing and is pending the results of toxicology reports which may take several weeks.

However, autopsy results for Mr. Hyse revealed that he too, had self ingested a large quantity of prescription narcotic.

At approximately 6:42 p.m. Monday, Oswego Police responded to 207 E. Seventh St., Oswego to check on the welfare of an elderly couple that resided at that address.

Upon entry to the residence, officers police discovered the couple’s bodies.

“In accordance with our standard operating procedures, we treat each unattended death as if it were suspicious until we are able to determine otherwise,” Police Chief Mike Dehm said Tuesday.

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  1. This makes me so sad! All they had was each other. They were two highly intelligent and creative people who started a new life in the US after living through terrible things in Germany during World War 2.

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