Oswego Police: Don’t Block Sidewalks With Your Vehicles

With the onset on nice weather and the lifting of the city-wide parking ban, Oswego Police Chief Michael J. Dehm Jr. wishes to remind citizens not to block city sidewalks with their vehicles.

The Oswego City Police Department will be actively enforcing the City Ordinance regarding blocked sidewalks.

Violators are subject to ticketing where fines of $30 may be assessed and the fine will double if not paid after 30 days.

Section 257-26 subdivision C of the City Code of Oswego, NY states: “No person shall park an automobile or any other vehicle in such a manner as to block, impede or prevent the free passage of pedestrians on the sidewalks.”

According to Chief Dehm, “Every spring we see an increase in pedestrian traffic. We like to remind our Oswego community that with the increase in pedestrians and children at play, it is even more important to keep the sidewalks clear. We want to lessen the risk of anyone being struck by a passing motorist after being forced into the roadway to avoid a parked vehicle blocking safe passage on the sidewalk.”