Oswego Police Give Overview Of Fest Incidents

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City Police Department wishes to announce the following overview of the events that took place during Harborfest 2009 (July 23, 5 p.m. to July 26, 11 p.m.) as compared to the same time period for Harborfest 2007 and 2008.

2009 2008  2007

Calls for service: 509 396 404

Parking Tickets: 186 120 193

Vehicles Towed: 29 22 19

Total Arrests: 134 106 58

Of those, charges include:

Open Container violation 94 60 27

Possession Alcohol Under 21 years old  31 17 6

Disorderly Conduct 19 34 19

Resisting Arrest 1 4 0

DWI / DWAI / DWAI-Drugs 2 2 0

Oswego City Police Chief Michael J. Dehm Jr. wishes to extend a special thank you to all of the agencies that lent us their support and assistance throughout the weekend including:

All City of Oswego Departments and Employees
Oswego County Sheriff’s Department
Oswego County 911 Center
New York State Police
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
New York State University Police – Oswego
New York State Park Police
New York State Parole Office
New York State Liquor Authority
New York State Department of Transportation
United States Coast Guard
United States Border Patrol
Untied States Customs and Border Protection
New York State and Oswego County Emergency Management Offices
Fulton City Police Department
Harborfestivals Inc.
All of the private security members and volunteers that assisted law enforcement over the weekend.

According to Chief Dehm, “Harborfest appeared to run very smoothly. We had very few incidents reported to us as occurring in the actual Harborfest venues. We were fortunate that we had the assistance from outside agencies, which allowed us to be more proactive in our enforcement strategies. As a result, the overall call volume and arrest statistics were a bit higher than that of previous years.”

“As always, I credit our officers with a job well done, and I appreciate all of the support given to us by the outside agencies. Traffic congestion, following the Saturday night fireworks display, was mitigated quicker than expected allowing us to re-open both bridges and resume normal traffic flow much earlier that anticipated. I would like to thank all of our citizens of, and visitors to, the City of Oswego for their cooperation,” he added.