Oswego Police Offer Parking Reminder

OSWEGO, NY – With the onset on nice weather, Mayor Randolph Bateman has lifted the city-wide parking ban effective March 9.

Oswego City Police Chief Michael J. Dehm Jr. wishes to remind citizens that the 3 to 6 a.m. parking ban in downtown parking lots remains in effect throughout the year.

And, that the Oswego Police Department will begin more diligent enforcement of the city ordinances regarding blocked sidewalks and green space violations.

Violators of the above restrictions are subject to ticketing where fines of $30 may be assessed, and the fine will double if not paid after 30 days.

According to the chief, “We would like to take this opportunity to remind our Oswego community that with the seasonal increase in pedestrians and children at play, it is even more important to keep the sidewalks clear. Now that the winter parking ban has been lifted, the Greenspace Parking permits are no longer valid, and residents should begin lawn repair caused by winter parking as soon as the weather allows.”

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  1. Why is the city not letting its tax payers park overnight in the city lots near water street? I could understand this in the winter months, but not in the summer. For someone who is going to support a local bar or restaurant downtown, they are being forced to make a tough decision. The city is pretty tough with DWI’s and rightfully so, but it seems like it would be nice of the city to give the people an option to leave their car over night. The city is putting people in between a rock and a hard place.

    You cant drink and drive, but you certainly can’t leave your car behind!!

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