Oswego Police Raid Five Stores for Synthetic Drugs

Oswego Police raided five city businesses today, alleging those stores sold bath salts or synthetic drugs.

Raided were:

  • Bodified, at  25 West Bridge Street
  • Heagerty’s Hot Spot, at 202 West 1st Street
  • Smoker’s Choice, at 286 Route 104
  • Smoker’s Choice, at 255 West Seneca Street
  • Xtreme Underground, at 27 West Bridge Street

Police Chief Tory DeCaire said that the new State Health Department regulations announced by Governor Cuomo earlier this month allowed the department to investigate the locations and execute search warrants on the five businesses.

DeCaire said in a news release, “The execution of the search warrants today are really just a part of the overall investigation. We will continue our investigation and, based on the totality of the evidence, make a determination regarding pending arrests and appropriate charges. Our goal today is not to adversely impact legitimate businesses, but rather to get dangerous items off of store shelves, educate the public, and hopefully help to make Oswego a safer place.”


  1. Heagerty’s: as far as we are concerned, you should of never opened your doors way back when in the first place!

    City of Oswego thanks for finally cleaning up our fine city. What were you thinking to have these shops come in in the first place? About time you finally got busy with doing something worth while. While you are at it, why don’t you just close them all down for good . . . for they are not any different than the place NEVERLAND which was short lived back in the day (like in 93)!

    Proud citizen of Minetto, NY

  2. No one will purchase that stuff over the counter in Oswego today…let’s keep it that way, PLEASE.

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