Oswego Princess’ Wish Comes True

Sadie, left, and her sister react as they learn they are going to Disney World.

Sadie, left, and her sister react as they learn they are going to Disney World.

OSWEGO, NY – Sadie and Layla Wilson, twin daughters of Meghan and Mike Wilson, were treated like royalty on Sunday afternoon – and the best is yet to come!

Sadie, left, and her sister react as they learn they are going to Disney World.
Sadie, left, and her sister react as they learn they are going to Disney World.

Sadie is currently in treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and goes to Upstate Golisano’s Children’s Hospital. She wishes she could go to Disney World and meet the princesses.

On Sunday, the twins, dressed in matching princess outfits, got to ride around the Port City in a trolley car playing “princess music,” courtesy of Great Lakes Trolley.

Then, upon arrival at the Kingsford House on West Third Street, Sadie and Layla were greeted by a “royal court” who escorted them to a carriage for a few photographs. Shortly after that, they family was ushered inside for a royal decree announcing that Sadie and her family will be going to Walt Disney World.

The four-year-olds had no idea what was going on. They had a great time cruising the streets in the trolley and mugged for the cameras as they sat in the carriage, reminiscent of the one that took Cinderella to the ball.

“If this was all,” their mother said as the girls sat in the carriage, “we’d all go home happy. They’ve been having the time of their lives all day!”

The girls enjoy a carriage ride before the big announcement.
The girls enjoy a carriage ride before the big announcement.

The third floor of the Kingsford House had been transformed into a royal ballroom and was jam-packed with dozens of the twins’ friends and family.

They were seated in two huge chairs in the center of the room and Terry Baum, one of the “wish granters” made the official proclamation.

“As you know, this family’s gone through a lot. We’re thankful for everybody that’s come today,” she said, her voice starting to crack with emotion.

“Stop it, Terry!” Meghan reassured her. “We talked about this.”

“This community has really been unbelievable,” Baum continued, not totally getting her emotions in check. “These two little girls mean so much to Julie (Osborn, another ‘wish granter’) and I. It is unbelievable what people have done for us. We want to thank everyone who has helped us make this possible. All we had to do was ask and people were right there.”

As the proclamation from the Make A Wish Foundation was read, the girls sat in their chairs with their parents behind them. “That’s right,” Meghan said to Sadie. “We’re all going to Disney World!”

“Thank you,” Sadie said as she smiled and applauded from her chair. Her twin was more boisterous in her response.

“Sadie’s been the patient. But Layla’s been through just as much. I’m glad they made this about both of them,” Meghan told Oswego County Today. “It’s just been a magical day. Layla is the more out-going of the two, probably because she’s not the one always being poked (by doctors).”

The family will visit Disney World Nov. 5 to 11.

Sadie said she is “very, very excited.”

“It’s going to be fun,” he mother added. “We were so excited, so excited to learn that her wish had been granted. We can’t thank everyone enough. It’s something we probably wouldn’t be able to do on our own. It’s been a long two and a half years. So to have something like this to do at the end of it all is just going to be so exciting,”

They will be leaving roughly two weeks after Sadie’s treatments end. She will still have to go back once a month for checkup “But we’re good for a while,” her mother said. “Everybody here is family and friends that are like family – we’re so grateful to all of them.

The members of the royal court (all Mexico students) included Emma Andrews, Rachel Ladd, Aislinn Fultz, Sydney Julian, Trevor Allard, Austin Gayne, Austin Whitney and Jacob Zedack.

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  1. I never knew their last name, but I’ve ‘heard’ about these two precious girls for over a year. People far and wide have been praying and hoping for a full remission for all that time. People who knew ‘of’ them, but have never met them in person. Relatives have stayed close to nurture and support,and we’ve heard of those relatives. Mostly, what does anyone say when two babies have to go through this…except please God, let this all go well…and Soon!

    SO, HAPPY to hear that Sadie is doing so much better and can actually enjoy her trip. And that her family can enjoy the wonder of these two blessed little people for a long, long time to come!

    God bless you all.
    A friendly ‘auntie’ who you didn’t even know you had!

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