Oswego Public Library to digitize ‘Ontario Chronicle’

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Public Library recently learned from the Northern New York Library Network that they have been approved to digitize their collection of “Ontario Chronicle” the newsletter published during “Safe Haven” at Fort Ontario.

The collection consists of approximately 27 newsletters covering the period of November 8, 1944, to August 2, 1945.

Included in this collection are eight black and white photos showing school life in the shelter.

Once digitized, the newsletters and photos will be accessible to the general public at the NNYLN data base linked through our website www.oswegopubliclibrary.org

Two samples of the newsletter are currently shown on the library’s web page.

Below is a sample from the “Ontario Chronicle” July 26, 1945, issue as residents began to relocate to Europe.

All articles were written by the refugees.

43 Residents ready to sail
The liner “Gripsholm” will sail probably in August for Europe…43 residents applied for return to Yugoslavia and have made immediately the necessary steps for passports and other papers…Trunks and suitcases are buyed as well as material for the daily needs which probably are difficult to find in Yugoslavia.

The residents who wish to return belong chiefly to the Bosnian districts. In the meantime more and more direct informations arrive from Yugoslavia. Some of them were probably the reason that so many  people applied for return. A certain number was informed that their relatives had escaped from the Nazi terror or have returned from prisoner camps. Dusanka Grin f.i. received a cable from her husband who arrived in Belgrad and informed his wife that he found his apartment in good state.