Oswego Railroad Museum Offers Variety Of Events This Summer

OSWEGO, NY –  The Oswego Railroad Museum has plenty of activities planned for the upcoming season.

The museum is located at 56 W. First St., near the H. Lee White Marine Museum.

The Oswego Railroad Museum is dedicated to the historic preservation of railroad history in the Oswego County area.

This is depicted in an H.O. layout along with various static displays.

It is sponsored by the Oswego Valley Railroad Association Inc. and is maintained by the members of the club and various volunteers.

The Oswego Railroad Museum offers:

An excellent operating layout (24? x 36?) of the southern Oswego County area in the 1950s
Many other model and toy train layouts both large and small
An extensive railroad library

The museum’s hours are noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays until Labor Day (and some major holidays).

Admission: ages 12 and up – $2; ages 6-12 – $1; 5 and under – free.

Upcoming Events:

Penn Central/Conrail Days
April 14-15
Celebrating two of modern railroading’s Fallen Flags. Penn Central was the result of a merger between New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroads in 1968. It almost immediately went into bankruptcy and in turn became part of Conrail when it was formed from the bankrupt railroads in the Northeast United States in 1976.

National Train Days
May 5-6
The May 5 date will be Amtrak’s National Train Day celebrating the 143rd anniversary of the driving of the golden spike ceremony in Promontory Summit, Utah. The completion of the “Transcontinental Railroad” on May 10, 1869, was celebrated all across the country. We will be having displays of the building of the two rail lines that came together on that important day, collectibles from the 1969 centennial celebration as well as videos showing the daily re-enactment ceremony at Promontory, Utah, now a National Park including operating reproduction steam locomotives.

We will also be celebrating the 119th anniversary of world record speed run of 112.5 miles per hour of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad #999, 4-4-0 steam locomotive, while pulling “The Empire State Express” between Syracuse and Buffalo. The #999 would end up in the service in Oswego and a drawing of it has become the museum’s logo. Since 1962 it has been preserved at the “Museum of Science & Industry” in Chicago, Illinois.

Circus Moves by Rail
May 12-13, 19-20
The exhibit will include displays of miniature circus and carnival layouts and circus and carnival trains, as well as circus posters, photos and videos. An 8?x12? playmobile circus will be on hand for the children.

Military Railroading
May 26-28
For Memorial Day Weekend we will be honoring the railroads that served us so well during times of war. There will be models and photos showing the role that railroads played during wartime. We will also be showing video documentaries covering the Civil War up to World War II.

68th Anniversary of D-Day
June 2-3
June 6twill be the 68th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. We will be working in conjunction with the H. Lee White Marine Museum to celebrate this important date. Members of United States Military Railway Service were rushed in following the Normandy invasion to support the soldiers in their effort to drive the German army from France.

D, L & W & the Dairy Industry
June 9-10, 16-17, 23-24
The museum will be celebrating National Dairy Month and the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad. The exhibit will show how the railroads, such as the Lackawanna, worked with the Dairy industry by building creameries, where farmers would ship their milk in order to have it processed. There will be models and photos of local creameries as well as the railroad cars used to ship the milk to them and the final products from them. The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad was formed in 1851, but it was proceeded in Oswego by the Oswego & Syracuse Railroad which was incorporated in 1839 and opened in 1848. Its original station built in 1848 still stands on the south side of Utica Street, between Second and Third streets. The Lackawanna agreed to lease the Oswego & Syracuse Railroad on March 1, 1869 for a period of 99 years. The Lackawanna had two creameries located between Oswego and Syracuse, at Baldwinsville and South Granby.

American Freedom Train
the month of July
Due to popular demand, the American Freedom Train exhibit will be returning to the museum for most of July. The first American Freedom Train was created in 1947 to help celebrate our freedom after World War II. The exhibit includes an O Scale model of the train that would tour the country until 1949. There will also be photos and souvenirs from the train. The second Freedom Train was created to help promote patriotism for the countries bi-centennial celebration and travel the country during 1975 and 1976. The O Scale Bi-Centennial Freedom Train is almost 40? long, including models of both of the steam locomotive that took turns pulling the train. There will also be photos, videos and souvenirs from the train. We will also have some items from the New York State Freedom Train that toured the state in 1949 and 1950.

Harborfest – Railroads & The Seas
July 28-29
This exhibit will tell the history of how the railroads and the shipping industry have worked together through the years. Some railroads actually have their own Maritime Divisions such as the New York Central that used tugboats and barges to carry their freight cars across the Hudson River to New York City. Oswego was home to a total of four coal trestles where the railroads would transfer the coal brought up from Pennsylvania to barges and ships for delivery to ports all along the Great Lakes.

New York Central Month
August 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26
On August 9, 1831, the first train ran in New York State between Albany and Schenectady for the Mohawk & Hudson Railroad, which later became part of the New York Central Railroad. Another part of the New York Central; The Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg Railroad came to Oswego and built the tunnel and bridge in the mid 1870s, so that it could reach Suspension Bridge, now known as Niagara Falls. The New York central continued to serve Oswego until 1968, when it was merged with the Pennsylvania Railroad to form the Penn Central Railroad. The museum will celebrate the 137 years of the New York Central with models, ertifacts, photos and videos.

Working on the Railroad
September 1-3
Labor Day weekend will feature a look at the men and women who helped to build and run America’s railroads through the use of photos and videos.

National fire prevention week

Come see the hundreds of diecast and model firetrucks on display of all sizes and fire equipment used by today’s firefighters will be on display. Firefighting and trains are a love for all children!  Trains will be running too as well as hopefully real firetrucks on display.

Toy Trains and Christmas
November 24 and 25 and December 1 and 2.

For more information or to schedule a group tour, call 342-0028, 806-2193 or 343-2253 or facebook us @ oswegovalley railroadassoc or by email [email protected]

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