Oswego Resident David Branfield Appointed to State Council for People with Hearing Loss

Submitted by Assemblyman Will Barclay (R-Pulaski)

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I—Pulaski) honored David Branfield with a citation, congratulating him on his recent appointment to the New York State’s Interagency Coordinating Council for Service to Persons who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind or Hard of Hearing.

The Governor’s office recently appointed Branfield to the council following Assemblyman Barclay’s recommendation. The council was created by the legislature in 2008. The council is administered by the New York State Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy to Persons with Disabilities. The eight-member council’s role is to improve the delivery of services to individuals with hearing problems throughout the state and advise the Governor and Legislature.

“I’m pleased to honor David today. He is a natural fit for this council as he is already an advocate. His desire and ambitions to advocate for people with hearing loss will be given greater voice on this council, as he will report to the Legislature and the Governor,” said Barclay at ARISE in Oswego.

Among his many accomplishments, David was integral to getting the Public Service Commission to approve CapTel service in 2006. CapTel is a service which, similar to captions on the television, displays the caller’s voice in captions to be read in real time. CapTel requires a special relay service.

David Branfield said he was humbled by the event today. “I’m happy to be able to serve on the New York State’s Interagency Coordinating Council for Service to Persons who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind or Hard of Hearing. I feel I can be even more of an advocate for those with hearing loss on this council, not just here locally but across the state. I’m grateful for the nomination and the Governor’s appointment, and grateful for my friends and family who are here today who support me in my endeavors,” said David Branfield.

David Branfield is the author of several articles, advocating for those with hearing loss. He mobilized a public letter writing campaign when the Public Service Commission sought public comment in 2006. He was recently appointed to the Advisory Committee for Arise, Inc. and is a facilitator of a Hearing Loss Group at Arise.

Sabine Ingerson, director of the Oswego Office of ARISE, said she knows David Branfield will serve the area and the state well on the council. “David is such a caring person and he really knows so much about the issues that people with hearing loss deal with on a daily basis. I know he will raise more awareness to the general public through his work that he is so passionate about,” said Ingerson.

There are an estimated 1.5 million New York state residents who are deaf, deaf-blind, or hard of hearing. In Oswego County, there are about 120,800 residents.