Oswego Rotarians Meet Exchange Student

Submitted by the Oswego Rotary Club

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David Granoff & Andrea Gonzalez, Rotary exchange student from Venezuela

President Dr. David Granoff welcomed Andrea Gonzalez, a Rotary Exchange Student, from Venezuela and her host sister, Veronica Bueno, during the August 31 luncheon meeting. Gonzalez arrived on August 21 and is attending Oswego High School. While in Oswego she will be living with host families. During her time here Gonzalez, who has had four years of English already, will not only learn to master the English language, but she will also become bi-cultural.

Gonzalez comes from, Rubio, a small town in the western part of Venezuela, located in the Andes Mountains. She enjoys dance and reading. It is no surprise that she has already been accepted on the Oswego Junior Varsity Cheerleading Team.

Rotary is a global organization of business and professional leaders dedicated to humanitarian service and promoting world peace through programs such as youth exchange. This year over 9,000 high school students will see the world and experience living in another culture. If you know of a student interested in applying to become an exchange student, please contact Sabine Ingerson, Rotary Youth Exchange Officer of the Oswego Rotary Club, at [email protected], for more information.