Oswego School Board Acts Upon Full Agenda

During the July 23 Oswego City School District Board of Education meeting President Kathleen Allen read a statement to set the stage for the upcoming school year.

In a prepared statement she noted, “Part of the commitment of the board of education is a desire to demonstrate due diligence and carry out our responsibilities in a manner that allows us to hopefully lead by example.”

Continuing she said, “After discussion with the board, it has been determined that one of the most productive practices that we can identify and reinforce is the importance of open and direct lines of communication when it comes to school business. It is the intent and desire of the board to clearly articulate the expectation that all people who have a vested interest in the business and the purpose of the school district cooperate and support the directive to follow appropriate lines of communication.”

She stressed the importance of following the chain of command and indicated discussions would be shared with the Superintendent of Schools.

In the area of “Personnel” the board accepted the retirements of elementary teacher Mary Ann VanBrocklin, music teacher Debora Bartholomew and custodian Francis Raymond.

Approval was also given to post several positions including special education teacher, science and music teachers, part time typist, girls’ bowling assistant, assistant modified and jayvee football coach and girls’ soccer jayvee coach.

The board accepted the resignations of elementary teacher Heather Lynch, girls’ junior varsity soccer coach Kyle Boeckmann, junior varsity assistant football coach Eric Sherman and modified assistant football coach Michael Howard. Leaves of absence were granted to teachers Kathryn McCrobie and Karen Cota.

Kathryn McCrobie was appointed as an AIS Mathematics teacher for the Charles E. Riley Elementary School for the upcoming school year.

Probationary appointments included Karen Cota as an elementary teacher, Megan Jones and Stephanie Green for special education and library media specialist Serena Waldron.

Regular substitute appointments were approved for Michele Emmonds (OHS Mathematics), Sheri Dafoe (CER Elementary), Jackie Ross (CER Special Education), Patrick Donovan (OHS Social Studies), Chris Trapasso (Elementary CER), Jill Voigt-Anzalone (FPS Special Education) and Casey Lawton (OMS English).

Coaching appointments approved included Tom Benjamin (boys’ varsity soccer head coach), Melissa Verdoliva (girls; modified soccer head coach), Kyle Boeckmann (girls’; varsity soccer head coach) and Catherine Celeste (girls’ modified assistant swimming coach). In-service appointments approved on an as needed basis were approved for Gretchen Fronk and Kim Oswald. Robert Dumas was named the OHS Drama Club advisor while the BUC Yearbook Club co-advisors are Carole Lloyd and Jay-Nel Steitz.

Under support staff recommendations probationary appointments were approved for school nurses Johnaellyn Waldron (OMS) and Deborah Brooks-Bauer (OMS),  library clerk Theresa Emond (OHS), library clerk Karen Lloyd (CER), school bus driver Lee Williams.

Under “Curriculum” the board approved the purchase of OHS textbooks for AP English Literature and Music Theory 2 as well as textbooks for Oswego district students attending Christian Brother Academy.

Approval was given for the revised 2013-2014 Oswego City School District Professional Development Plan, the implementation of the Universal Pre-K Grant, the 2013-14 Mentoring Program, the creation of a U.S. Civil War course for Oswego High School, an OHS Travel Club trip to them Mediterranean Coast, a Sprig trip to Orlando for the varsity softball team and the creation of a Technology Club, Environmental Club and Critical Thinking Club for The BUC.

In the area of “Finance” the board approved transfers for the NYSTL State Aide for Trinity Catholic and Community Christian Schools and to purchase testing and screening kids for the district speech personnel.

The agreements between Oswego Hospital and the District as well as the continuation of the First Step Universal Pre-K program were approved.

A rate increase for private billings and field trips for drivers and fuel was okayed.

The board also allowed Studio C dance Academy to be added to the list of approved organizations to use district facilities.

A lease agreement between the district and Galloway Realty was approved.

The board also allowed the 2012 Capital Project Phase 1 to begin by approving the reconstruction of Oswego High School Loading Dock.

Linda Stummer was also approved as a consultant and professional developer for the district.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Oswego City School District Board of Education will be August 13 with the call to order scheduled for 5 p.m.