Oswego School Board Begins Reviewing Budget Numbers

OSWEGO, NY – Recently, Superintendent Ben Halsey handed out “a first blush” of the school district budget for the coming academic year.

It contained operating expenditures, appropriations for next year, he said.

“We give it to you now so that you can take it with you and take the time you need to peruse it, make notes in the margins, generate questions and have a discussion,” he told the board.

Board members can contact him or Nancy Squairs, the district’s business manger, with any questions, he added. Discussion will also be likely at the next board meeting.

“If you can get any questions to us early, in time for us to bring answers to you and dialogue for the whole group that is what our intention is,” he said. “This is a starting point. It doesn’t include projected revenues. We are still working on that. This is a first draft of potential expenditures for next (school) year.”

Board members were given the complete budget compared with recent years, the business manager explained.

“I have outlined all the variances, anything that is a minus three percent and a plus three percent in every budget line and given you an explanation of why it has increased or decreased,” she told the board.