Oswego School Board Considers Intermunicipal Agreement

OSWEGO, NY – At Tuesday night’s school board meeting, Superintendent Ben Halsey presented the board members with a copy of the proposed intermunicipal agreement between the taxing jurisdictions involved with power facilities. Besides the Oswego City School District, the other jurisdictions are the town of Scriba and the county of Oswego.

“This agreement is in a draft format and will be reviewed by all the taxing jurisdictions. It spells out the obligations each one of the entities have in defending the tax challenge; the cost for each of the jurisdictions for the defense of the challenge basically from Nine Mile Power Station,” he explained. “The percentages are broken out in this agreement. The school district’s costs are 69.7 percent of the bill defending our position, the county of Oswego 26.9 percent and the town of Scriba at 3.4 percent.”

It also spells out that if a PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) agreement is agreed upon going forward, the same percentages would be utilized in revenue sharing, the superintendent pointed out.

Also associated with this would the use of consultants, he added.

“It’s a pretty standard document in the way that it’s written. Our job here tonight is not to approve this, but I wanted to share it with you so you can review and ask questions,” he told the board.

“Is the 69.7 percent what we received last time?” asked board member Sam Tripp.

“No, no, this is higher,” replied Nancy Squairs, district business manager.

“It was 64.7 percent,” the superintendent noted.

“Which we weren’t happy with. We thought we needed more,” board member Tom DeCastro added.

The board will be asked to vote on the proposal at its Oct. 21 meeting.