Oswego School Board Member Resigns – To ‘Pursue Other Interests’

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego City School District Board of Education member William Myer told Oswego County Today that he is stepping down to pursue other interests.

He declined to go into specific detail.

“This isn’t something I decided lightly,” he said. “I gave it a lot of thought.”

The board is moving in the right direction and he belives it will continue to do well after he leaves.

“Each member brings something special to the table, something unique,” he said. “It’s a good gel.”

He added that he wanted to thank the public who supported him as well as all the faculty and staff that he worked with during his tenure on the board.

“I think I had a good relationship with everybody,” he said. “I sought to improve communication while I was on the board; between the board and the administration, the community and among board members themselves. I think we’ve accomplished that.”

He said he decided to make the announcment now so that the board would have time to appoint a new member and allow that person to get up to speed on things before the budget process got under way.

“I really appreciate all the confidence and the trust the public put in me, and the board,” he said. “I enjoyed my time on the board. It was all positive. I feel good about this board. It’s the best I’ve seen in a long time.”

In a year or two down the road, would Myer consider seeking a seat on the board again?

“Sure I would,” he replied quickly. “I think I still would have something to offer.”


Oswego City School Board of Education member William Myer has announced that he is resigning from his position.

Myer delivered a letter of resignation to Oswego District Clerk Bill Foley and also supplied the same document to John Dunsmoor, President of the Oswego City School District Board of Education, and Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist.

He stated, “I would like to thank everyone in the Oswego City School District for giving me the opportunity to serve as an Oswego City School District Board of Education member. It is with regret that I wish to resign my position on the Oswego City School District Board of Education effective September 5, 2012.”

No further information was available.

The Oswego City School District Board of Education will meet for the September committee meetings on Tuesday, September 11 at 5 p.m. and at their conclusion a regular meeting will be conducted where a resolution accepting the Myer resignation will be included on the agenda.

According to the district clerk, the board has three options.

A new member can be appointed. They can vote to hold a special election, or they can decide to remain a six-member body.